Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kriya Masters Assist Practitioners From Darkness Into Light

What Kriya Practice Can Do for You and the Earth
By Mahavatar Babaji

In the beginning was the word; the word OM. From the sound OM, all creation came into being as the Divine willed. From OM came Light and from Light came the material manifestation of the cosmos as you know and view it.

Your physical bodies contain a Light Body
which man does not ordinarily see, or is even aware that it exists most of his waking life. I speak about this in my book that Utpalavati [Jean Peterson] and Jagadish [George Tsatsos] have released this week. You can read more about this Light-Body, this Love-Light in this book in the near future*. Many of your nightly excursions in the Light Body happen when you are sleeping. Some of these, man remembers in those dream-like experiences which seem more real than waking life.

This God-given Light Body is who you are in essence. When one does Atma Kriya or any of the types of Kriya, the Light Body becomes activated in such a way that it keys into, or connects into, the light system of rays of light which are everywhere in and around the Earth and throughout all creation. This is commonly called "the Earth Grid." Everything is energy in essence and energy never disappears or is annihilated. Therefore, when one is committedly doing his Kriya, one is connected into this grid of Light which is Creation, Itself. Everything and everyone is connected through this Love, this Love-Light.

The darkness that is the Kali Yuga in which you are in the stages of completion, although it may not seem so to many, obscures this One Light similar to a veil on a woman's face. Everyone glimpses this light from time to time. Atma Kriya, with practice and commitment and with the assistance of the Master's energy and Love-Light, assists one to connect into and become one with this Creative Light which is the Oneness of Creation. When one is in attunement with a Master, one is connected into this Love-Light. It is a natural process of God's Will. This attunement happens, and one may feel and experience it with Swami Vishwananda and myself during Atma Kriya practice. Together, we are committed to the souls of the ones who practice Atma Kriya and our energy is freely available to one and all.

During Kriya, much healing of humanity and the person practicing Kriya takes place and the wholeness is once again realized, the Oneness. You may picture Kriya like a circle that encompasses all creation, no beginning and no end—One. It is an illusion that man had made that he is disconnected from the Oneness; it is simply obscured from him through centuries of incarnations born into the darkness wherein man has not allowed the Light to penetrate to the degree of Oneness. Light and dark exist simultaneously, and whether one perceives light or dark, depends upon where one places his focus, his Love-Light, his true nature within his heart. Light and Dark are both God, for The Divine is Everything and in reality there is no separation. Separation is an illusion. In the Oneness everything exists and it is one's focus that creates his experience. The mind of man has the free will to choose darkness or light, or any or all of the opposites of duality that exist on Earth and in a human-mind-body.

Through Kriya practice, one becomes a Light Station or like the Light in a Lighthouse which sailors can see the light on the darkest night. In contemporary times instruments have been designed which tell the captain of the ship where he is located and shows him any obstacles that may lie ahead in the path of his ship. Atma Kriya goes beyond even the light in the Lighthouse window and a ship’s instruments capabilities. Kriya practice connects one into the Greatness of the Oneness, The Divine Itself. As Swami Vishwananda often asks his students in Satsang, "What do you have when you have God?" The answer is always: Everything!" This is so! Kriya assists one in Realizing this great truth!

Practicing Atma Kriya helps heal the person practicing Kriya and the Earth in this way of connecting back into the Love-Light which is The Divine Itself. From that, one becomes more and more his Light-Body-Self and the darkness of anger, hate, greed, envy, lust, seeking power and Earthly success, and such characteristics, disappears into the Light. Thereby, the person and Mother Earth are healed from the pain and suffering man has created in the Kali Yuga. The more people who committedly practice Kriya, the more each person and the Earth are healed. Practicing Atma Kriya affects all of creation, because all of creation is One, in essence.

I bless you All in the name of Kriya and its ability to heal and create Oneness in an unbroken ray of Light from one person to another and another until all Realize Oneness, The Divine. Amen and OM.

I am Babaji, the champion of all humanity.

*An announcement and information about Mahavatar Babaji’s new book (two volumes) will be placed on VBV soon.

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