Friday, June 24, 2011

Love's Pearls of Wisdom - Mahavatar Babaji

Fantastic is the rising sun. Wonderful is a Himalayan cascading, rainbow waterfall tumbling into the Sacred Ganges far below. Beautiful is the Human Heart wandering through time but existing forever in the Eternal Heart of the Divine. Loveliness of a Human Face makes the Heart sing in the very young at Heart. Time is an adversary of this same lovely face. The Divine is the most beautiful, the everlasting enchantment of the Heart of Man. Remember this when you enjoy the delights of Earth the Divine has provided for you, His children. Mature into Oneness with the All. It is time.

Mahavatar Babaji


Anonymous said...

Just coming from the first part of the Gayatri-Yagna with Swamiji Your
words are a perfect continuation of the joy we shared together.Since some months Your new
picture is present.It somehow stands for a new layer of Your love flowing into our hearts.To become mature includes becoming sweet.Time seems to run faster in the presence of a master.What is time for You,Mahavatar? Please,tell us! And we long for more knowledge about the nature of light.Please bless us with Your knowledge!JGD Ramayotee

Utpalavati said...

Time, for all of us is All Time or Timelessness, in reality. In the next yuga, just around the corner of your time, all of humanity will be living in the ever-present Now. All will understand what the Masters have been teaching man for time out of mind, pun intended.