Saturday, October 23, 2010

Swami Vishwananda in Moscow in Pictures

Moscow, Russia October 2010: In a room in which Swami Vishwananda was sleeping the picture of Narayana became covered with vibhutti - see before (another copy as the picture is completely covered in vibhuti) and after below.

In Moscow the before and after pictures of Christ (another copy of picture of Christ) as the pisture is completely covered with vibhuti. . .

Picture Of Swami Vishwananda with Vibhuti

Satsang in Moscow

Swami Vishwananda in a Question and Answer Session in Moscow

Swami Vishwananda met with each OM Healing Group in Moscow Individually

Mahavatar Babaji Quote of the Day:

The sacred cow of India will become a time of the past in Earth time. Why? It will have served its purpose for the time Lord Krishna interpolated it into the morass of the human condition for the time that is now upon you. You will free yourself of this time of Kali Yuga which you live in now. The human family will become one. – Babaj

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