Friday, October 29, 2010

INDIA 2010 with Swami VIshwananda

(Pictures and text by Swami Vishwavijayananda traveling with Swami Vishwananda in India)

The golden pilar of the Mookambika temple: Swami Vishwananda in the yard of the temple with a golden pilar at the entrance of the Sanctorum.

The temple of Mookambika with the deity: Inside the sanctorum Swami Vishwananda and the pilgrims could venerate the goddess Mookambika. The Goddess Mookambika is in the form of Jyotir-Linga incorporating both Shiva and Shakthi. Here in front of the deity covered with a gold lid.

Mookambika: This very nice and devoted priest performed puja for Swami and the pilgrims inside the Temple.

Udupi: A holy devotee of Krishna could not enter the temple because he was of a low caste. He was praying outside the temple: "Krishna I would like so much to see your face." The prayer of this man brought the wall to break down and through nine holes the holy sage could watch the murti of Krishna. The murti turned on itself and the devotee could see the face of Krishna. After this event, anybody could enter the temple (also westeners). The main entrance was closed and a silver window replaced the nine holes symbolic of the nine forms of Bhakti.

Udupi: Madhavacharya discovered this murti which was hidden inside a block of chandan. A temple was build then around the murti. The seat of Madhavacharya is still in the temple.

In Udupi on the west coast of India the murti of Krishnainside the Temple is the oldest representation of Krishna. Krishna is represented as a child holding a stick.It was made during the life time of Krishna and given to Rukmini who worshiped it.

Mahavatar Babaji Quote of the Day:
Beloved Friends, let us continue to bring home to the heart, the truths of what it is that you are doing in this lifetime. Let us work together in heart-felt resonance to bring divinity, the Divine Love, into your awareness. Come home to the truth of you. -Babaji

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