Sunday, April 25, 2010


Sri Swami Vishwananda
Swami Vishwananda: To reach God, we have to let go and surrender. How is the way to let go? If you are on the spiritual path, there are many ways to let go. To let go doesn’t mean that one has to not care. It means how you care. It is not like this: “I don’t care about this.” It’s not about that, but how we see things, the way we look at things completely in a different way. The same thing when you are in the world outside; you look at how people walk and how they are. If you can sense, their mind is so busy always thinking: “What is next, what is next, what is next?

When you come to a spiritual environment, some people are looking for another kind of thing, something completely different. So they have let go of certain things and are willing to get something else. Once when I was traveling and I was talking to a master, actually, he said, “For the people who live for God, they have let go of the world and live for the Divine. So they are not running after the world, but the world is running after them.” Do you get it? When somebody lets go of something, where does it go back? It goes back to the world, because you took it from the world. Of course, the world outside always will like to push itself on you again.

For example, when you start to follow a spiritual path everybody is against you, everybody wants to give you good advice not to follow the spiritual path. So how is that? You know which path you are following, but yet you have let go of certain things and the moment you take that decision of letting go of certain things, of course, many will not be happy because everything changes. Your friends start to change, the way they think changes, the way they have taught you changes, the way you are changes, so of course they will not be happy.

One Mataji from Mauritius, when she went on the spiritual path, all her family became against her. Before, they were all happy with her. They were all coming to her place eating, drinking, talking, and the moment she changed, what happened? No one! Same thing when one has lots of good things in their life. . . same thing when there is great joy in one’s life; you have lots of people to enjoy it. And the moment one has a problem, you have only few people left with you. So the same for you letting go of this is to realize what is the reality, and what is it that you really want. And when you know what you really want, nothing can move you. Then you become strong like what Christ said: “Build your faith on stone.” When you become like that, then nothing can move you. But if one day you are like this: The wind blows you left and you turn left, the wind blows you right and you turn right, you will be always going the way of the wind.

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