Sunday, April 18, 2010


Guruji, you always tell us to control the mind. Many Masters say the mind doesn’t exist. Why then do we need to control it?

Swami Vishwananda
Response: Very good question. In one state we can say that the mind doesn’t exist. But yet, when we look in the outside, does the mind exist or not? Do you perceive the power of the mind or not? Yes, that means there is certain reality into it. But in reality when you have transcended everything, when you have reached enlightenment like the Master, then you can say that the mind doesn’t exist. Then you can say, “We don’t need to control it." But as long as you are in the physical body, as long as you have not come to the point of enlightenment, you do have a mind to be controlled.


Anonymous said...

Dear Swami, thank you,
why does the mind seem to be so dificult to control? Is the mind part of the Maya?

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

For the person who wrote the comment: ""Dear Swami, thank you,
why does the mind seem to be so dificult to control? Is the mind part of the Maya?

We remind everyone that Swami Vishwananda does not "directly" answer questions on this VBV blog. Surely, if you meditate or pray about this question, you will find that he does answer in some way that will get your attention. At least that is what I have found to be true.

Perhaps a way to have Gurudev answer your questions directly is in the live stremaing of some darshans. Swami, at this point, takes some questions from viewers online as well as people attending the darshan.

Tarun said...

Dear Guriji, Dear Babaji,

does mind excist?

Today we (Ute, Niklas and Henri) were on a flea market. Ute looked for books and because i was waiting she told it me...

Suddenly there was an inner voice or something which talked to me - A book or something from Yoganana could be interesting for me to by.

My critical mind was saying, "how should it be possible? So,i forgot about it. It was just an idea...

After 5-10 minutes Ute said to me: "Look" there was the book - Autobiographie of a Yogi. (Yogananda)

I smiled and was happy...

Thought, mind, vision are forms or expressions from energy and i have the honour and grace to be trained from Him in order to find out what can i do with the energy or to learn the informations about it.

What we receive is a training, again and again. My ego has a contrahent, it´s my love...

Thank You Babaji.
Thank You Guriji.