Friday, April 9, 2010

ROSHAN: Swami Vishwananda's Kenya Atma Kriya OM Talk

ROSHAN is one of Swami Vishwananda's Atma Kriya Institute teachers from London, England. Roshan went with Swami Vishwananda's on his recent visit to Kenya, Africa. He reports on a talk Swami gave on "The Atma Kriya Trinity OM Meditation and Healing Technique. "

Swami Vishwananda with Handicapped child in Kenya, Africa.
Bhakti Marge donated wheelchairs on his recent trip to Kenya.
The Seva Group in Kenya that Swami inspired five years ago has been working beautifully with handicapped children, some of them blind. Roshan, from London, England was on the trip to Kenya with Gurudev, and he wrote the following about a certain interesting talk Swami gave in Kenya. Gurudev spoke about the Atma Trinity Kriya OM Meditation that Swami and Mahavatar Kriya Babaji have incorporated into the Atma Kriya that Swami Vishwananda and his disciples teach. -Utpalavati

Roshan: Recently in his visit to Kenya, Swami said some very interesting things about the Trinity meditation. The Atma Kriya Trinity OM Meditation and Healing Technique is a form of Karma Yoga. In the OM healing technique, we cure our environment and other people in the environment. In the Trinity meditation, we bring down the Divine light that is [then] emitted into society. The light begins to radiate from a person who practices Atma Kriya and can reach a radius of 1 km. This creates a positive balance in our environment and people in it.

Swami continued to say that Atma Kriya has karma yoga (selfless service time), jnana yoga (path of knowledge) and dhyana (meditation). Inspiration, knowledge and wisdom (jnana) come from "higher mind" (an inner voice, inner guru) pranayamas and practicing asanas. Jnana is developing as we focus more on the breath and the position (asana) and withdrawing from normal mental activity. Therefore, Atma kriya is a complete system of karma, jnana and dhyana yoga. Swami explained Atma Kriya to the people in Kenya in this way. They (the people in the Swami Vishwananda Kenya Seva Group) are doing a lot of volunteer work, but do not do any meditation. – JGD - Roshan

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The OM
"The spiritual heart lies in wait for the mental, physical and Essence-Self to unite and light the flame of Divine Love dwelling within. Oh Man, awaken to your potential, become a Yogi, radiate light of Divine Love that you really are. Be free. The OM Healing Circles join in the union of community and pave a bona fide path to Love, Peace, Health and Happiness for the future of the whole mankind." -Mahavatar Babaji

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