Saturday, April 10, 2010

Letter from Babaji - Help Me Please

Note: It has been nine hours since we posted this entry. Now Babaji wishes me to add this: "Dear friends, there is more than one of you who have been asking me of Haidakhan Babaji. Those of you who read this blog know which ones of you whom I am speaking about. I request you watch the second video I am having my disciple place at the end of this entry. Feel with your heart for the answer to the questions you have been asking me. Your heart resonance is your answer. And not all of you will receive the same precise answer. It is all right. What I will say about your questions here is this: Haidakhan Babaji, so-named, is very, very close to my heart. Your questions you must answer for yourself." (Transmitted to Utpalavati from Babaji).

From time to time I will address a specific question that one of you, who read this blog, ask me in meditation or in your thoughts coming from the heart of yearning. Today we have one of you who asks: "Babaji, why is it that on the spiritual path there comes a time when we tire of the seeking? We need something from you that touches us deeply so that we may continue with more commitment that we are making some progress. Please help me."

So it is, dear ones, that as long as one is in the body one is subject to the influences on Earth and the planetary influences that bombard you with their energy. In these times it is important to stay centered within the self and continue to pray and meditate. Remember that the OM mantra is a beautiful and simple mantra in times of discouragement that will help you to center yourself quickly. Talk to a spiritual friend, sing bhajans, do japa, and visit your spiritual teacher whenever possible. The spiritual energy that the teacher maintains, even in times of trouble for him in the Earthy sense, may be an inspiration for you in your trouble. For he is enlightened and is capable of staying centered in the "worst of times and the best of times." You can learn from him as you observe him in his work.

Remember also that spiritual energy seems to ebb and flow as you walk your path to enlightenment. Stay positive always, for the low moods that sometimes seem to descend upon one will lift as you know from times past in your terms of time. Let It Be So! And remember to smile, help someone outside yourself, rock a baby and sing a lullaby, hear the birds sing in this springtime as a new season begins with nest building and new birth to come. Listen as they sing their bird songs of hope and renewal. Remember happiness is a choice; it does not disappear on its own, you send it away and you invite it back again. Happiness is not a thing, it is a choice within your thinking as you connect with the Divine Love you are within your heart. You are ever Divine Love. Remember that!

I am Babaji, your friend on the path to remembered bliss.
Amen and OM!

OM Kriya Babaji Nama OM Mantra
and Haidakhan Babaji


Tarun said...

Dear Babaji, Dear Guriji,

Enlightement! Perhaps its seems strange to ask - What does it mean?
What effort/goal does it have? Is live then better or more fair?

You are speaking about what could be better on Mother Earth. Let me say and ask , please that in my way of understanding

"our Father in Heaven"

has to take care about his children. So, who has the responsibility on what is happening on Mother Earth?

For excample i have understood that handicap people (a lot of times) have a better quality of live then people who are called "rich".

But what about billions of people/children who are poor and ill - exctramly poor, helpless... They don´t have any spirit in their eyes. You were there. But afterwood - why not before?

Is enlightement a solution to come together between East and West or even Heaven and Earth?

i don´t understand You and Guriji. Questions i have...

From my heart i love You and i know how much work You have and also my sisters and brothers in order to support us/me.

With all my love - Thank You

Anonymous said...

Swami Vishwananda the satsang in Poland (23.04.2010) said, that Old Haidakhan was a disciple of Mahawatar Babaji.