Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Song for Him Who Sings For Me

No, you can’t take the karma of anybody. You can’t even work your own karma, why would you take other karma? Only a Satguru can take karma. Even that, they don’t do it often. They do it only when it is needed to be. Look at Jesus; He took upon Him so many things. You know, so, only a Satguru can do that. A Satguru is not bound by the law of karma. There is no karma in anything, they are free from that. So, they can manipulate the karma, and transform it and change it for others, if they will it.


My Gita Song is that you, a SatGuru, kill the demons
And release darkness into the Light.
Take on the karma of others if it is God’s Will
And even so, that can be transformed into light
For those who kiss the Guru's lotus feet.

The sea calls you often into its azure blue delights,
Preferably, an island, surrounded by water
On all sides, so you feel like Vishnu in His ocean.
There to play like a child whose memories are
Only of peace, contentment and love.

Devils, monsters, demons, black magicians and the like
At times will attempt to unbalance the Light of
Even the great ones sent from on high to help mankind.
The saints suffer in the way of saints and that is just
The way it is.

Traveling around the world bringing light to many places
The Masters go along their merry way.
The fruit tree bears is fruit according to its kind
Orange, apple, mango and grapes for holy wine from the vine.
Each Master sent from the Divine
Has his own mission to fulfill and there are variations.
Some of this may entail suffering.
Does this make the Master weak?
No, indeed, it reveals the head of the
Cobra ready to strike, a demon in disguise.

Oh, beautiful SatGuru, we miss you.
Call us to you soon.
You are our only refuse on this Earth of ours
Chant Rama, Rama Ram; Om Namo Narayana, Om.

Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama

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