Saturday, February 1, 2014

An Emerald Ring Circled In Gold

Satguru will never show this feeling,
but you will feel it. He knows it,
but he wants you to know it.
Sri Swami Vishwananda


Spirit is everywhere because everything and everyone is spirit.
Why do some live lifetime after lifetime in the morass of misery
With an obstruction barring reaching the heart, the soul of the Self?

Is is ever the same.
These people are like a mountain without life, standing tall
But barren from a forest fire of Mother Nature’s cleansing and clearing.
Then the mountain receives the blessed rain and sun for some time, and
The once barren mountain blossoms again with a plethora of
Many-colored wild flowers and abundant, verdant, green trees
Flora and fauna, and. . .
The birds sing and the wild animals roam the mountain again. . .
Mother Nature in action.

On a high mountain, one feels closer to God!
The psychic energy of the activities and the busy minds
Of man are left far below and the air feels rarefied and pure.

So it is with the misery mankind makes for himself.
He becomes like the burned and barren forest
When he stays in the mind rather than the heart.
The real Self is in the heart of man
Like a bright emerald ring circled in treasured gold.

At times a SatGuru will manifest such a ring
For a disciple and that day is precious and held
As a luminescent, beautiful, sacred moment
In the heart and soul forever.
A sacred moment from the Great and the humble alike,
May be shared out of love and for inspiration for others.
Remember the Gopies experiences with Krishna
And the Resurrection of The Christ,
And Rama’s building of the bridge  . . .
“The Ramayana.”
What if these Great Ones had not shared their
 Sacred stories?

Pray to the Lord that you Realize your SatGuru
For it is possible to attach yourself to his Form
Instead of Loving Him for His Divinity with
Which he came to share and, thereby, to set you free.
This you accomplish by detaching from your mind,
People, places and things and
And loving God with all your heart!
Then you can become like an emerald ring
Circled in precious gold,
Blessed and manifested by your SatGuru’s Divinity . . .  

Mahavatar Babaji
Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama,
From herself can do nothing.
It’s All Him!

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