Friday, February 14, 2014

Mataji Speaks

Mataji Speaks
Sister of Mahavatar Babaji
14 February 2014

The serene Himalayas stand as sentinels
Of The Eternal Supreme Being.
In timeless years of Earth Time
We have been with you
In this sanctuary of the Earth
As Disciples of my brother,
Whom you name, Mahavatar Babaji.
I am here by His side and in His heart
As mankind has been forever.
I am his sister in your understanding.

Brothers and Sisters of Earth,
It is time for me to speak with you.
I come in Love, Peace and Compassion
To assist with the plight of man at this time.
I come to say that I have stayed in
The background of Earth time and
This has been Divine purpose.

I come to many of you now as
You have been calling me to you.
I come to communicate to you that
As you reach my brother, Mahavatar Babaji,
From deep within your heart,
So may you reach me now as
The Divine Wills it to be.

Remember: If you call me sincerely three times
By calling my name, I shall be with you.
I come to you like the nightingale bird,
Which sings quietly in the night,
Without making a vast disturbance
Or creating unjustifiable notice.
I wish for you all – Love, Peace and God Realization.
You all are forever in my heart.

Mataji, Sister of Mahavatar Babaji

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Mataji Annai Nagalakshmi,
it is so wonderful to be more close to You in this way now. Thanks to Swamini Lakshmi she openened that gate to You for the BM-Family.When we have been with SV in Varanasi 2012 I always had in mind to ask Him wether You still live at Dasasameth Ghat. So You decided to come to us in this way.My prayers will include the wish You help us to open our hearts for more love and compassion. I love You,JGD,Ramayotee