Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vibhuti Manifestation in Mumbai

Vibhuti Manifestation in Mumbai
by Rakesh Rajput

he above photo was blessed with vibhuti in our temple in Nairobi. My mother took the photo to Mumbai and placed the photo on top of the family temple in Mumbai.

A few days later I was in Melbourne and as I was getting off the tram, my rucksack bag got stuck in the door resulting in my slipping and falling down on concrete steps. The next day I called my mom in Mumbai. [In the phone conversation, I learned that] at the same time I had fallen, in Mumbai, the above photo also fell down and all the vibuthi on the frame came out. The frame was still intact. My mum had cleaned the photo and placed it on the temple again. [Like the picture frame] I had no serious injury. As my mum and I were talking, vibhuti started manifesting on Swami’s photo again. As per today, the entire photo is now covered with vibhuti.

Thank you Swamiji. Jai Gurudev.

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