Friday, January 6, 2012


Very often people try to compromise with God; people try to bribe God. Actually, it is very easy to bribe him. Do you know how? You can bribe Him by loving Him, by letting Him steal your heart.

Sri Swami Vishwananda

Just Love

Dedicated to Kalindi, whose encouragement
and kind words are Maha Love!

Hate sits in the emotional body like
Seaweed wrapped around a fish
Caught in struggling fury.
A woman in childbirth has two
Choices: She can go with the
Flow of life, knowing and anticipating
The Love which will come at the end

Of her life-giving pain and questioning. . .
Or she can struggle against the tide and
Hate the pain that naturally comes
With the process of life-creation that
Is bonded together like one’s own Heart
Is bound to one whom one truly loves.
Everything is simply one’s perspective. . .
In this sense.

A child walking to school
Drops his backpack on the sidewalk.
Out falls his paper on which he worked
So hard the night before, which now is
Splotched with dirt.
One perspective for the child is to feel hate for
What the teacher may think, as he
Is reading and grading the paper.
Another perspective is to detach from it all,
Remember he has done his best
With the homework assignment
And know that what is, Is!
See…even a child can learn
To detach from life’s struggles,
And so can the fish caught in
Seaweed that is simply being
What God made it…seaweed!

It’s simply a fact of life that
Hate and Love are
Two sides of the same coin of
Duality on Earth.
And one’s perspective
Creates the experience one has
Every day, every experience,
Every thought, every action

Of one's life.

So, choose Love, "Just Love"

Because God is Love.
Let God "steal your heart,"
Because, in the greater reality,
There is "Just Love!"

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandanma (Lakshmi)


Vijay said...

This poem is beautiful, i felt instantly a heart conection with this poem of GREAT truth and compassion, but what does it mean to detach, what to do concretally in these situations when we see that our sheet's of deed's doesn't went out how we did expact, what do in this situation when we are overwhelmed with this situations of hate, not beeing understand in the outher world, what to do when we come in this state of sorrow, and specially of this maha pain in the heart i feel when i look outside and see so much harshness allaround me, this feels for me so pain ful, that i think i woud rather hide myself, insteed of watching all this, i fell then maybe like Arjuna watching all this cruelty, and thinking, can i even be happy, when this outher wourd teach us to suffer, but im enough of suffering, i do not wanna play anymore this play ot world, thos this mean, when i see unfairness when i see people acting wrong, i just should keep quite?, but when i tell peopel like the should change and they are wrong, all find them selfs hurt, and puch me in word meaning be side, Maha Avatar, Dear Swamini, do we should, let the world how it is, and just reside in our selfs, with out interacting in this reacting emotions, like i often felt trapped, when people around me talk untruth? ? ? ..
in faithfullness bowing down to ur golden feet of time


thank u for spending ur time listening to my words....

in connection vijay

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama (Lakshmi) said...

TO V. who commented:Surrender everything to Him. Everything you see on the outside is on the inside of you. Surrender all of it to Him and trust that He will take care, in Divine Time. Pray, meditate, do your Japa sadhana, and your duty and you will find love and peace in your heart. Practice your sadhana and repeat the name of the Lord always and your mind will calm thinking on the Lord instead of other people and their doing wrong things. Find the Divine in your heart which is only Love. This is it, just surrender everything to Him and the burden you feel will lift from you and you will be happy.

All of this Swami and all the teachers and all the books written from long before say these same thing. Swami has told us that he will not be speaking so much in 2012. We need to take the lesson he has taught and place them into action in our lives. Do these things for yourself and they will help you, others and the world.
Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama (Lakshmi)