Saturday, January 21, 2012

Inner Call

Swami Vishwananda was asked: “How do you know this inner call?”
People have a house but they feel something is missing; they have this urge to know more. You buy one object after the other and you are not satisfied; there is always something lacking. This deep emptiness can be filled by everyone, the urge to know more. When you turn inwardly, you have this satisfaction inside yourself. One learns to observe. People feel it. When they take a decision in life, the first feeling they have is always the right one. But the mind comes, “Oops, it was wrong.” And the reason told them something else to do. The first feeling was right

“I have been waiting for you.”


The human heart has one occupant

Therein lives either the Beloved
Or the ego personality of man.
It is like burning the body on the funeral pyre
When one burns the ego in the
Intense heat of Divine Love.

Masters say that one feels this painful fire in the heart,
As it is not a figment of one’s imagination
Or even an etheric fire.
This fire of transformation
Is one which is felt as pain;
This is called a longing for God,
As pain calls the Divine name.

When all dross is burned away,
And the attachments of the material world
Lie burned away into ashes,
There remains only the

Purification and transformation of Divine Love
It is then you Realize that the longing in your heart,
The pain you have experienced,
Is truly God’s longing for you,
Calling you home to Him!

Have courage and continue
On your Spiritual Way even as
People, places and things
Pass away and illness,
Sorrow and financial difficulties
Sometimes come alone your way.

Remember that God is waiting for you
So that He may say: “Have no remorse.
Your long journey has been worth the effort,

For you have come home at last!
I have been waiting, longing for you. . .
With a heart full of Love.”

                         Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

                                     Heart on Fire for God


Anonymous said...

Dear Swamini,thank you for your wonderful poem. It really touches my soul on the deepest level.May the pain of inner fire burn away all
obstacles!JGD Ramayotee

Hideide Brito Torres said...

Is this picture yours? I was loocking for permission to use it in a book.

www.virtual-babaji-vishwananda said...

No, this photo may belong to Bhakti Mara at Please ask
permission at
Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama (Lakshmi)