Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guru Guidance - Flight Of The Soul

Swami Vishwananda at engagement Celebration, Yagna and Blessing
of His Cousin in Mauritius January 2012

When one comes into the guidance of a Spiritual Master, a Guru, and surrenders to what He says, of course, one will be pulled out of this illusion. As long as one doesn’t want to come into guidance of a Master, one will always be in the ignorance. -Swami Vishwananda

Flight Of The Soul
Guru’s Practical Magic

Into the homeland of Mauritius
The Guru wanders every January and June,
Of so it seems.
In truth, he was not born there
Nor does he return each January/June.

This is simply Guru’s Practical Magic
He carries within his eternal soul.
He comes to Earth, or so it seems,
In India, England, Egypt, Australia
Or Persia in days of yore.
But, as you know perfectly well,
He never is born and he never dies
In the greater reality of Eter-ni-ty.

So, when the Guru appears in a body
Looking much like yours and mine,
It is simply Practical Magic
To land on Earth somewhere,
Seemingly born to woman and man—
A mystery the mind cannot conceive,
This Immaculate Conception. . .within
Which… the Guru Creates Himself‘
Again and again, and again!

Thereby, he never is born and he never dies!
The mind goes disbelievingly blank,
With this kind of thinking,
Even in today of the Internet—
That Wondrous World-Wide Web!
For, beloveds, the Guru comes
From the Cosmic-Universal-Wide Web,
Never to be born and never to die
In the common way of the
Unenlightened man.

Oh mankind, beloved of God,
Beware of your limited thinking,
It will lead you nowhere!
Well, it could lead you to hell on Earth
If you benumbingly and mindlessly desire it.
For the Guru’s Practical Magic
Reverberates from disciple to devotee,
From the Heavens to the Mauritius Isle on Earth.
The Guru’s Practical Magic appears on Earth
 For one reason and one reason only:
To return all mankind to his
Real homeland on High,
To the realms of Maha Lakshmi-Vishnu-Narayana,
The Eternal Sustainer of life.

So, relax, in the Guru’s presence.
 Love the Beloved dearly, and
Take his lessons to Heart:
Control the mind,
Fetter that restless, seemingly powerful ego
And open the Heart to the relentless
Pursuit of Perfected Love.
Then you become who you really are. . .like Him:
Through the Guru’s Practical Magic, you
Become One With the Omnipotent, Magnificent,
Great Divine.

Amen and Om, Amen!

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama 

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