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The Yogi, The Yogini and You - Story from Mahavatar Babaji

The Yogi, the Yogini and You – A Story by Mahavatar Babaji
Once in a place not far away from Rishikesh, India, a man one day came walking toward the Ganges River that runs through this city of the Rishis, the Sadhus, the Yogis. This man walked in light so radiant that the inhabitants of this sacred city stared in wonder. When he crossed a bridge to the other side of the Ganges, he seemed to be the bridge and the water beneath the bridge and a man simultaneously. Rainbow colored lights radiated from the man’s form and merged with the water of the Sacred Ganges beneath the bridge creating a rainbow arched high into the air and from one side to the other of the bridge. If one could read the people’s minds who were watching, they would know that the people received a blessing from the rainbow of light.

When this radiant being reached the other side of the river and the city, he walked into a local store and purchased from the attendant there a murti of the one many call Mahavatar Babaji. I was watching, simultaneously, from the Himalayas above Rishikesh and from within the man of light that the people observed walking into and out of the store.

When I came outside, I walked to a nearby Sadhu, a Yogi, old in years but young in body and spirit. This was made possible through his yogic practices through hundreds of years in the same body. He touched my feet, respectfully, a yogic Guru-disciple tradition in India. I blessed him by touching his head and handing him the murti I had just purchased for him.

The people wondered who could this man of light be, and what could his purpose be in offering this gift to the Yogi who sat in his same seat from sun up to sun down each day. And then I disappeared before the eyes of those who were watching. “What is the purpose of this show or play performed before our eyes?” Many were thinking this way. Then, much to the people’s surprise, the Yogi’s form became smaller and smaller until he was the same size as the murti. As mysteriously as his reduction in physical size was to the eyes of the people, he now majestically merged into the murti like water vapor into the ethers. Never again did this Yogi sit in his place in Rishikesh each day. Such things happen in Mother India. Have you read about, seen or experienced some of these?

As the people continued looking at the murti in wonder, a young woman known to be pure of heart and mind stopped in front of the murti and spontaneously saw a vision of the form of Mahavatar Babaji that the murti represented. This girl was the only disciple of the Yogi who had merged and disappeared into the murti. Through the purification of hundreds of years, the Yogi was given the opportunity, through the murti, to move into a higher frequency of the Infinite Divine. In the following years, through the murti, I guided the young girl for a very long time. And truth be told: This Yogini still lives in the city of Rishikesh, India to this day.

How does this story apply to those of you reading it now? I tell you truly, there are stories being written by my disciples, in these days and these times, that in the future will be read by many. Some of these ones, who read these stories in the future, will be inspired to connect with the energy and guidance of the one known as Mahavatar Babaji, whose only purpose for being on this planet is to guide mankind to one’s own heart and the Divine Within.

I am as present for you as I am for this ageless Yogini and the Yogi of whom she was a disciple. The Yogi merged with and reached the lotus feet of his Guru through the murti he was given. If any of you reading this feel guided from within to connect with me in a conscious way, you may do so in your meditations and in the Atma Kriya that Swami Vishwananda teaches in your time. And, yes, you may also connect with me through a murti.

So, be alert always, for any of you may see a Divine Being from within and without at any time the Divine wills it and your heart resonates.

Take heart, you are never alone
Mahavatar Babaji

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