Thursday, December 8, 2011

Love's Pearls of Wisdom by Mahavatar Babaji

Have you sat calmly and watched water running over rocks in their natural habitat? Isn’t it always a peaceful feeling that comes even when one is troubled or in sorrow? Like that, Atma Kriya as taught by Swami Vishwananda, his disciples and myself has the ability to calm your mind, heal your wounded emotional body and set you on a course of forgiven retribution for the sins you think you have committed. Peace comes at a price, even so. You must practice Atma Kriya as Sri Swami Vishwananda and I have created it in its present state for contemporary mankind. Be diligent in your practice if you desire inner freedom.

Mahavatar Babaji


Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji,
I have met with the opinion that it is enough to find onself once at the Darshan of the Avatara Sri Vishwananda to get liberated? Does it mean that if such a devotee does not practise any Atma Kriya he will be liberated? Or maybe those who practise have greater chance of attaining Jivan Mukti while still alive whereas those in the above case attain it while dying or after death? And what if one does not practise Atma kriya but comes to Darshans and stays with or comes to see an Avatar of Prem - Swami Vishwananda?
With Love and Respect,Thank You Babaji.

Anonymous said...

Please, in actuality, live out of the mind, live from your heart. Be with the Guru whenever you can. Surrender everything to the Divine. And practice your practice every day whatever it may be, and Atma Kriya included, for a certainty! We have said this many, many times. God will take care of you and the rest.

Blessed Be,
- M. Babaji