Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mahavatar Responds to Comment on Yesterday's Blog

Comment from yesterday's blog:

Dear Babaji,We are attached to our identity which we understand as being this body-mind. What is the true meaning of the identity, please - is it the notion of just "I" or "I AM" or only "Am-ness, Being-ness" without any "I"? What does it mean that we ultimately merge with the Divine into Oneness - we don't loose our identity... we become infinite identity but at the same time You said there is no identification where is the drop and where is the ocean? Does it mean that we keep an identity as the ocean but we loose the notion of it...we don't identify with our identity? I hope it still makes some sense but only You, Babaji, can help...? With Love, Pranam.

Mahavatar Babaji's Response:

As your teacher, Swami Vishwananda has spoken about many times: "It is the heart where you will find the Real You!. The mind will always have questions. Surrender your body, mind and soul. Focus on any Divine aspect firstly, and then you realise your Divinity. Remember that whoever you are, even if your advancement is slow or fast, God loves you."

A video which my disciple has in her files may help you to understand that these questions you ask can be answered conclusively only from within your own heart. (The video was sent from one of Swami Vishwananda's Swamis). The Spiritual Teachers teach the lessons down through the centuries so that eventually you may discover your Self and therein you know everything and thereby you have no more questions"

Mahavatar Babaji


If you do not see the video on your screen below, please try one of the two other methods of retrieving the video given below. This is a difficult video to view in some countries as people are writing me messages. -Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

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Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji,
Thank You for Your help so much. If You - Babaji Himself do not give any verbal hint that makes it clear that the answer to this question can be only introverted and experienced when all mind-stuff is completely dropped and no any concept whatsoever can bring the feeling of satisfaction. It is the end of all one has known and assumed about oneself, others, the world, the existance, the end of all the spiritual effort in acquiring wisdom - now only silance of "I dont know who am I" and just being aware in the moment without the interest in feeding any thoughts remains. And God will take care of the rest... if He Wills so! Much Love Beloved Gurudeva! Thank You Lakshmi! Peace.

Anonymous said...

JGD Master,
When we drop interest in something that thing as if stops to exist for us? Looks like when one is totally tired and fed up with everything one may choose to shift the interest completely within. It is said that the intelligence is measured by how fast one gets fed up. The growing awareness brings the distance, the detachment. What a relief must be following easing up the attachment to the form which one occupies? Never any awakened soul had complained about missing the human body "reality", yet we neurothically cling on to suffering feeding our attachments".Jay GuruDeva!

Anonymous said...

Jay Gurudeva, Jay Swamini,
Could this clip make any deeper sense apart from showing the "levitating" body?
Hari Bol!

Anonymous said...

To the person who wrote the comment asking if there is anything else "we" can do?"

Simply this: Go within the Heart, locate the Divine Self and surrender everything to God and Realize your Self. This is what else there is to do. Remember life is a process of "trial and error," simply stay on the path and trust the Divine, who knows what you need at any given moment. Go in Peace. Om and Amen. -Babaji

Anonymous said...

Beloved Gurudev!
Million times thank You... You are the cool-est Master ever and just the "Cosmic HardDrive" - Awesome You Are and All-knowing and All-Loving and so casual: no wonder You even lead us to the enlightenment via the internet! Babaji, You are simply the BEST! Love.Peace.Surrender.