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Mahavatar Responds to Comment on VBV

Comment on entry, “The Gift” `17 December 2011. The Comment was not published in the Comment section, as Mahavatar wishes to respond on the entry today.

Comment: “The more I am just with myself and thinking about God and his creation, the more I get puzzled and the more I find myself thinking: ‘Everything here around is an illusion, so everybody is an illusion, too. So there is no one to love.’ I’m not able to connect with God inside of me, because I’m afraid to find out that it’s true that everybody is an illusion. If I discover it’s true, I will fall even deeper into hell than I am in now. How do I get out of this?”

Mahavatar Babaji Responds to Comment:
Listen: The world is an illusion and the body of man is an illusion because they are temporary. Yet, within the body temple resides the soul, the heart of man which is eternal and is the Divine Within, the Real You, This is the Real Everybody. How can you say there is nobody to love? There are billions of people on Earth to Love. There are unlimited Gods and Goddesses to love. There are Masters, Saints and Martyrs to love, both on Earth and in Heaven. Ah! And there is a maha limitation you place on yourself that prevents you from loving your fellowman, as has been taught to you. Christ said: “Love your neighbor as your Self.” Christ meant for you to love from the Divine Self. You are trying to love from the ego-personality self, the source of your failing to love.

See, you first must learn to love your Self, the Divine Love within you, and then you are blessed with the capability to radiate unconditional Love outward toward the all of creation and everyone. You can do it! Everyone can do it, and it’s free. You do not have to have money; you do not have to look a certain way; you can be young or old, you can be beautiful or plain, you can be male or female, you can be educated or not educated, you can be male or female, and on and on and on. There is only one requirement on Earth to have the capability of transcending illusion and to reach enlightenment; the Love Vibration -- you have to be in a body. So value the body, both the illusion and the heart and soul. Remember, this Divine Love which is inside your heart brings you the Gift of inner freedom. You must, however, really want it even more than the sickness, the illusion of this world and the fear to which you cling like a child to a beloved and worn rag doll!

It’s really simple. You choose every day light or darkness and they are both God. God is in the limitation and God is in the unlimited. You choose where your focus and your consciousness will reside each day. That is all; please see that you, yourself, choose your life and what happens to you. There is a paradox in this in that there is Divine Will to reckon with, as well. To be in attunement with Divine Will, you accept what God sends and does not send you, and through that trust and faith in God, you win the game of life on this planet. This game is called – surrender. Take a chance with God by “throwing your hat over the wall,” and then having the courage to master the obstacle of the wall and go over the wall to retrieve the hat. This metaphor represents your unlimitedness, which is your greater reality. What have you got to lose except limitation, fear and illusion?

Swami says: "Open up your heart! Love and love unconditionally! Love without limit! Love without expecting anything! Realize this love is ever flowing, the more you give, the more you receive. Just give for the sake of giving. That is what you are here for, not to receive anything, not to take anything from anybody. Because, what is the difference between you and me? Nothing but one difference (Swami says of himself) I realize it, and you don’t realize it. But you, also, can reach the same level. You need to be continuously in love.

“Make the ultimate goal of your life Divine love, and surrender to it. You know what God wants from you? Surrender your mind to Him, continuously. Surrender your mind to the lotus feet of God, to the feet of your Guru, to the feet of any Divine master. And free yourself. Free yourself from the mind, free yourself from all the misery that you created. So when you free your mind, you realize the Divine everywhere in every aspect, every small thing. Even the clothes you are wearing are divine. Each atom is divine.

“If you have divine eyes to look at the world, you will see that it is just the radiated light of God shining through everything. But as long as you don’t come to that realization, keep trying. Never lose hope. The moment you lose hope, you lose everything."

-Sri Swami Vishwananda
Swami says of healing:

“When one is in touch with the spiritual body, one is connected with the Christ within and only then can we heal ourselves when the fullness of the Mystery of God is no longer hidden from us. Then we can heal ourselves through our faith.”

Swami says on Health:

“Meditation calms the mind and our whole system, which leads to a state of steady health and peace. This has been verified scientifically that those who meditate have a better immune system and respond to medicine better.”

Babaji sums up His message:
For all of you: Please take this message from my heart to yours and embrace it and then embody it, love it, and live it. You all can do it, so, just do it!

Ever your Guardian of the Whole Humanity,
Mahavatar Babaji

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Dear Babaji
Thank you very much for your answer. I just hope I will learn to trust and believe.