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Mahavatar Kriya Babaji's Response to a comment on yesterday's entry
:"Learn to detach from emotional reactions to others words or actions." - how to do this?

Since there are several of you who have read this blog today (yesterday's blog) asking this comment question, you have called me forth; I come. -Babaji

All traditions,and in all your scriptures left behind by the Enlightened Masters who have come to Earth,they tell you the same things in different words and in the signs of the time. I do the same for THIS TIME IN YOUR TIME.

Swami Vishwananda says at Shree Peetha Nilaya in now time and in the signs of present time: "You don’t want to let go of the world. You don’t want to let go of the material things, because you are insecure about your Self. So, surrender everything and be assured that God is always with you! If He has put you here on earth, He will not let you go just like that.

Christ said in the Bible: "Love your enemies. Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you."

Paramahansa Yogananda said in the signs of his time: "Affirm divine calmness and peace, and send out only thoughts of love and goodwill if you want to live in peace and harmony. Never get angry, for anger poisons your system. Try to understand people who cross you, and whenever anybody tries to inflame you, mentally say: “I am too comfortable to be angry. I don’t want to be sick with anger.”

Krishna said in the Gita: "Be fearless and pure; never waver in your determination or your dedication to the spiritual life. Give freely. Be self-controlled, sincere, truthful, loving, and full of the desire to serve...Learn to be detached and to take joy in renunciation. Do not get angry or harm any living creature, but be compassionate and gentle; show good will to all. Cultivate vigor, patience, will, purity; avoid malice and pride. Then, you will achieve your destiny."

Ramana Maharshi said in the signs of his time: "The whole Vedanta is contained in the two Biblical statements: “I AM That I AM and Be Still And Know That I Am God."

The I AM THAT I AM says in the signs of present time (Mahavatar): Love is the Master Key that unlocks the door to your heart. Love everyone and detach from the negative emotions that keep you bound to Earth experience. As Swami Vishwananda says: 'Be Positive.' When you love and you are positive, how then can anyone, who is your own self reflected back as a mirror for you have negative emotional reactions to anyone or any material thing? I ask you this question, please answer it within your Self!

With Eternal Love,
Mahavatar Kriya Babaji

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