Thursday, May 20, 2010

Letter from Babaji - Unity Consciousness

Mahavatar Kriya Babaji
Dear Friends of Light,,
Once you remembered the field of unity, the Creative Energy of the One, which lies in the heart and has the power to radiate outward into everything. Through the creation of materialism this unity has been sacrificed to the mind, which has been given the rule over the heart. You have lost something in that transition. When you live your life from the sacred space of the heart as Swami Vishwananda teaches, you become one with life. When you live your life from the mind, you perceive yourself as separate from the Divine and everything in life.

Those of you who live near Swami Vishwananda are blessed indeed. You have the example of unity consciousness before you in living flesh, blood and bones, and yet He is different, and you all know it. He lives in Unity Consciousness, Oneness. To become like your teacher, you must surrender the mind to the heart, surrender to the Divine within, the kingdom of God within. Unity is within you and not outside in the material things of this world of time, place, people and things.

The mind thinks that unity is created by coming together on some project or some method of performing one's duties. Unity will never be created that way because the mind is involved in reasoning how this may be done. Unity can only be created in one way. You must go within the sacred space of the heart and live your life from there. It is fruitless to think the mind can create unity, for its very nature is to doubt and help the ego grow into an uncontrollable monster, to make yourself look bigger to the world, to gossip and "cut off the head of another" to make oneself appear taller. The little self, the I, me, mine must let go into the Self, the I of the cosmos, the One.

In truth there is only one heartbeat and it pulsates throughout the cosmos, the universe, and each of you. When, through meditation, you unify with the one heartbeat and realize that your physical heartbeat is also just a cell within the heartbeat of the whole, you will realize Unity Consciousness which is synonymous with Christ-Krishna Consciousness. It is a lonely road one walks to the Divine. Once you surrender and immerse yourself in the Divine, you are no longer separate; you then have everything, like all the teachers and Enlightened Masters who have walked this planet have exemplified for you! Let it Be.

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