Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Letter from Babaji - Swamiji Speaks of Prayer

Swami Vishwananda: We do our prayers in quantity by burning lots of candles and lots of lights and saying to God, “Here, this is my prayer to You, God!”But what God really wants is the quality of your prayer. God wants our prayers to come from the heart without any doubt or negativity. Every prayer, every thought, every action, vibrates on a certain level. Raise the frequency of vibration; raise it in your consciousness. You are an instrument of the Divine. Let us show that we are this instrument, not just by saying it, also by our actions, how we welcome everything.

Prayer is a form of worship when it is dedicated to the formless within the all. The universe is composed of atoms that even scientists today inform the world that every atom contains the "God Particle." Then each person has the opportunity to know both spiritually and scientifically that a part of the Divine is in every cell throughout his being.

Maya is a beautiful and even inspiring hallucination, ever appealing, beckoning for you to become her devotee. Then when you acquiesce you become her slave. Your Will then follows in her footsteps, calls forth her gifts, creates more desires and lies in the final hours of Earth life with still unfilled desires.

My friends, as Christ said, desire first the kingdom of God within you and the rest will come. Maya will be seen for the deceiver that she has become. Man has created her, and she has grown into a monster veiled in the lovely raiment of desires. Many of you do not adhere to the teaching of Sri Swami Vishwananda of the Saints who become martyrs. Why? It is for many of you because you, your very self, have become a martyr for a different cause! "No! not me, you may say." Follow your true nature, pray to the formless God within you and see yourselves freed from the martyr you have become for the desire nature in man. To the proportion that desires for more and more of the material world you commit to leaving behind you, the same proportion of peace will come. And love will radiate from your shining face and eyes like the Enlightened Masters you have encountered on your life journey. Ye know this within your heart; ye know what ye must do. Do it and be free. We welcome you into higher vibration of the kingdom of God within you. Amen and OM -Babaji

OM – by Kabir: “This is the Ultimate Word: but can any express its marvelous savor? He who has savored it once, he knows what joy it can give. Kabir says: Knowing it, the ignorant man becomes wise, and the wise man becomes speechless and silent.”

TRYAMBAKAM - The Life-Giving Prayer


nabirus said...
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Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

Dearest, dearest, T....

I know what you are saying. Do you get it? I know the inner core of you and what you are saying, more than your words convey. On ONE LEVEL of that I will speak to your comment[personal and not published here] but more within.

Perhaps you should begin another blog for your dialogues and then you may debate freely on a blog that is DESIGNED for that purpose. Is that what you want by your posts?...a dialogue with the readers, your brothers and sisters? Then, with my blessing and love, I will, from within you, help you to create a blog and fulfill your desire. Please know that we come and we go with peace and love on this blog.

In Eternal Love,

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

Dear T.
This is Utpalavati. I am not working individually with people in the way you suggested in your last (unpublished) comment. So I can't help you personally...sorry. I am doing this blog at Babaji's request and if that helps people, we all are blessed. Please understand that this blog is not designed to help people with individual personal situations. We publish the "Teachings of Swami Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji."

Babaji is offering to help you "from within yourself." He responds to comments that are not personal situations, but are of a general nature and of interest to everyone on their own path, see?

Swami Vishwananda said recently: DARSHAN POLAND Swami Speaks of "The End of The World" 2012:
Somebody has written a book, somebody has made a film about it. They are becoming rich; you are becoming rich, YES!, with fear! You think that the mercy from God will destroy everything. . .but it’s based on wasting time thinking how the world will end. You better concentrate on your spiritual path fully, so when it is 2012, you will be at least more realized than now. . . build up your strength; build up the love inside of you and build up this spirituality . . .there was a video with this post of Swamiji speaking on this posted just yesterday.

My feeling is that Babaji wants you to make your personal decisions with his help, not that he will make them for you. In that way you will build up your strength, your love and your spiritually as Swami said on the video..

As far as you creating a blog, Babaji will help you as he said, "from within yourself" and surely within your meditations. This blog cannot function in that way of a dialogue about that, please understand.

Love and Blessings,