Monday, May 31, 2010


Mahavatar Kriya Babaji:
When Krishna lived on this Earth the population was a small degree of the souls that now are incarnate. The resources of the Earth were plentiful and man’s needs were not anywhere near the present consumption level. The Industrial Revolution of the Iron age of the Kali Yuga brought forth greater comfort for man in the body. This came at a great cost for which you now are reaping the residual conflict with man and the Earth’s ability to recover and reproduce the lifeblood of Earth, which man uses around the world on a minute to minute basis.

With this knowledge and how to use the world body of Mother Earth in such ways that bring unto the physical body of man the many comforts you enjoy in present day, comes a price to pay which is greater than that of the monetary system you have invented to make it work. This situation is causing an imbalance between nature, Mother Earth herself, and mankind. Somehow, it must be brought back into harmony. What are you choosing? Energy is limitless and it never is extinguished, but simply changes form. And energy may be constructively and destructively employed such as in a nuclear bomb or used to clean the air, water, and food supplies of mankind. Choose your life actions wisely, my friends. Energy is limitless; notice how you are using it and changing it!

The way to bring peace and harmony back on Earth is to go within the self and find your center, then peace and harmony will radiate outward into your world. Remain positive and loving always. When everyone finds that Divine Love within his own heart and realizes that he is a part of the whole, the One Supreme Being, you will be well rewarded for this effort by peace and love ruling your world. Let It Be, my dear Internet friends. Care for your world, Mother Earth, care for your world family and Love the all as one’s own Self. For indeed it is so?

I Am Babaji. I wish you peace, and love, and happiness. I am ever at your side, now and forever. Amen and OM

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