Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Letter from Babaji - Serving with Wisdom and Love

Himalayas of Mahavatar Babaji's Abode
Mahavatar Babaji responds to a question placed on “Comments” yesterday, “Gurudev Speaks of Unshakable Faith.” Swami Vishwananda speaks about losing your chance with the Satguru!

Anonymous said...Dear Babaji, in your 108 names it is written that you learned from Maharishi Agastya. Is that true? If it is [true], is it possible for you to reveal [to] us a bit more about this relationship?

Babaji’s Response: My dear, it is of the utmost importance on the spiritual path to be sincere in your seeking. You are aware of this, I am sure. Also let me announce to you all here that I have kept my vow to answer all questions posted on VBV. At times I do not acknowledge or have my disciple acknowledge certain questions. Why is that, do you think? Please understand that acknowledging or not acknowledging is a response. Do you see? It is the same. Why? It is because I am always available in meditation and if I am silent here, then that is a cue for you.

Do you know that some chelas or students of the Guru make themselves available constantly to sit in front of the Guru's face through questions or physical presence. Why? It is most often a vain attempt to gain attention. Sometimes the Guru will send you away from his face for a time. The Guru will continually work to lead you within where you will find what? You will find the truth of you, the I Am Presence of Forever! The Guru can lead you there, but first you must relinquish your need for the Guru to continually boost you up in "spirits." You must locate, embrace and love your own reservoir of "spiritual sustenance." Then the Guru becomes for you the touchstone for your own awakening, your own advancement into light. It is useful to these kinds of seekers to use such tactics with the Guru to avoid taking responsibility for their own spiritual advancement, isn't it? Give the Guru the chance to hold your hand and walk with you. He is not with you to "live your life for you, please understand!" Remember the Guru loves you unconditionally, no matter what!

Certain questions make no sense to an enlightened being to respond to such, for the person asking is in a place in their life where it is past time to go within. After this inner connection with the Self, then if you care to do so, connect with higher wisdom and ask your questions in meditation. So it is for this question! And I know that you know what I mean in relationship to you personally. I will meet you in meditation. Come, I am friendly and you need not fear for your knowledge or any concern about yourself. To grow up spiritually and get to the place of no questions is the goal as your Guru tells you... you know, that Guru within.

It will not help you grow to ask such questions as you asked about my relationship with "Agastya.” You see, dear one, I am attempting to establish a personal relationship with each of you who is willing. I want to help you. It will not help you for me to talk to you about such a relationship as you asked about, that is the facts as one may hope. Do you understand? Meet me in meditation and we shall talk some more on this, if you like.

In loving service, I am your friend and your brother, if you will but come to that place of meeting in the Inner World more frequently. You know why I am responding in this manner. Your question serves a good purpose, and thereby, I am speaking to all of you. –Babaji

Swami Vishwananda

"If you do not give the Satguru the chance to hold your hand and guide you out of doubt in the mind, you will move away from Him.

"You will lose a chance."

–Swami Vishwananda

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Tarun said...

Dear Babaji, Dear Guriji,

the "5 Ring Meditation" can lead to more "Wisdom and Love" on a fine and peacful way.

The Rings give me time to have a stop and to overthink if i´m on the right way or if i´m loosing myself during meditation.

Also it can be done in a short time or it takes longer. It seems to be possible (with training) to do it even during the work.

The rings concentrate/train my mind on what i want/will (or not), to focuse if i´m on the right path.

Thank You with Love