Friday, December 11, 2009

Love Conquers Everything

Lahiri Mahaysa - Mahavatar Babaji - Sri Yukteswar
Swami Vishwananda

'Love conquers everything,' is what I want to share from my experiences.

It is my hope that my sharing will inspire people to open their hearts to the Divine.

If we strive to understand that we all, equally, are part of the Divine . . .

That we are here to achieve this greater Truth and to realise the Self

And if we make this our goal . . . and do everything with love . . .

Then everything will be lovely and we always will be happy.

-Sri Swami Vishwananda


Anonymous said...

ps: probably what in my contemplation came up as "healing one´s inner conflicts in one´s mind" is the dying of the mind Lakshmi and Babaji and Swamiji spoke of. And maybe it is the same in every path in the end. The Bhakta has to "die mind" through devotion to His Guru and loving unconditionally for the sake of His Guru, and on the meditation path one has to come to the point of choiceless awareness also, which, too is nothing but that the judging mind, the mind that stores memories and compares, and feels superior or inferior to others, has died...Jai Guru Dev

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

For this comment pertaining to the "Five Rings to Freedom Meditation:

ps: probably what in my contemplation came up as "healing one´s inner conflicts in one´s mind"

Dear one, yes, you see we designed the meditation so that it has the potential to work individually for each person. In the oneness we are unique, yet one! The meditation worked in the way it was supposed to work for you.

How do you think Swami Vishwananda does a meditation for 1,000 people in His forum and each one may say afterward, "I think, and it felt like Swami was doing the meditation just for me?" Swami Vishwananda is an Enlightened Master who could say, "My father and I are one!" The meditations we create are designed to help take you all to that vibration as well. Congratulations on following through with the meditation and being blessed with positive results.

Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji and Utpalavati, thanks. I feel yet that a lot of "dirt" is coming out from me in the process. e.g. when I am tired I may not be willing to renounce on "having the last word". and only when being alone again I feel I actually love the other person and should not have behaved that way...

Tarun said...

Dear Babaji,

Your 5 Ring meditation is wonderful. i believe my second excercise was better then the first one.

Also i believe that my colour-mind problem doesn´t have any influence on meditation. But perhaps my tinnitus :-)))

From my heart - Thank You