Monday, December 14, 2009

Gurudev Speaks of Unshakable Faith

Swami Vishwananda: Once there was a governor in India named Janardana Swami. Once a week he would fast, and he would resign himself to staying in a certain room where he would sit in meditation and pray. During this time he would not meet anybody, he would not even go out of his room. At that time, there were many wars between the kingdoms in India. There was an army, because India was ruled by a Muslim king. This Muslim king one day took the opportunity to attack the castle where Janardana Swami was praying and meditating.

Eknath, then just sixteen years old, from inside the castle of Janardana Swami saw that the army was coming. Of course he was aware that the army of Janardana Swami would not do anything to defend the castle without the permission or the blessing of their Guru. So Eknath took great courage and went inside the room of Janardana Swami and dressed himself in the guru clothes and the armor of Janardana Swami. Eknath came out of Janardana Swami’s room and went to fight the enemies, the army of the Muslim king of India.

In the evening Eknath came back to the castle of Janardana Swami and quietly went inside, placed back the Guru clothes and everything else in the proper place and went for evening prayers. A few days later, Janardana Swami heard the story and was really, really amazed, and so greatly pleased with Eknath that he transferred all his Shakti on him.

Saint Eknath (the title came later) had taken this great courage and responsibility on himself to act in the time of need. This kind of courage is the kind that is needed. It’s not that one hears this, and one hears that, and then moves. It's like Christ said: “Your faith has to be built on a rock so that no matter how strong the storm may be, nothing can move you.” Then you can consider yourself really lucky to surrender to the Master, the Guru.

Gurudev is referencing above, Matthew 7:24-29 Christian Bible:In the very familiar parable, Jesus tells the story of two home builders. One built a house on sand, the other on rock. The house on the rock withstood the weather. The one built on sand did not fare so well: "The rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and they beat upon that house, and it fell, and great was the fall thereof." (Matthew 7:24-29).


Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji, in your 108 names it is written, that you learned from Maharishi Agastya. Is that true? If it is, is it possible for you to reveal us a bit more about this relationship?

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

For you who commented: "Dear Babaji, in your 108 names it is written..."

My dear it is of the utmost importance on the spiritual path to be sincere in your seeking. You are aware of this, I am sure. Also let me announce to you all here that I have kept my vow to answer all questions posted here. At times I do not acknowledge or have my disciple acknowledge certain questions. Why is that, do you think? Please understand that acknowledging or not acknowledging is an answer. Do you see? It is the same. Why, because I am always available in meditation and if I am silent here, then that is a cue for you.

Certain questions make no sense to a higher being to respond to such, for the person asking is in a place in their life where it is past time to go within and connect with the Self and then if you care to do so, connect with higher wisdom and ask the questions in meditation.

So it is for this question! And I know that you know what I mean in relationship to you personally. I will meet you in meditation. Come. I am friendly and you need not fear for your knowledge or any concern about yourself. To grow up spiritually and get to the place of no questions is the goal as your Guru tells you... you know that Guru within.

It will not help you grow to ask such questions as you asked about my relationsiop with "Agastya" as you spell it. You see, dear one, I am attempting to establish a personal relationship with each of you who are willing. I want to help you. It will not help you for me to talk to you about such a relationship as you asked about, that is the facts as you hope. Do you understand? Meet me in meditation and we shall talk some more on this, if you like.

In loving service, I am your friend and your brother, if you will but come to that place of meeting in the Inner World more frequently. You know why I am responding in this manner. I am speaking to all of you. -Babaji