Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Twittering Tweets of Swami Vishwananda

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Swami Vishwananda ( @Vishwananda ) | Twitter
“How lucky you are that God chose you to be on a spiritual path.”


Tweet, Tweet, Tweet and ReTweet
The electronic bird twitters and sings
Across the Internet’s electrifying waves.
And so twitters the round of Tweets from our
Beloved Guru Dev, Swami Vishwananda.
All around this world, people eagerly await
These contemporary but sacred, ancient
“Word Pearls of Wisdom”
Filled to the brim with “Just Love.”

What does Swami write?
What is he saying, meaning?
He is both the Narayana of The Formless God
And our “seemingly human” Beloved Teacher and
Friend with the beautiful human face that
Shines with such Inner Radiance that it
Destroys one’s ego and one dissolves
Into a Bhakta puddle of surrendered tears
At his holy, lotus feet.
And one wishes one could be like Mirabai
To Her Beloved Krishna
And Sing his Unlimited, Unconditional Love
As a salute and sentinel to Him, the Lord,
In fully devoted Love and Surrender.

Swami Vishwananda Twitters and Tweets, our dear friends,
Of God’s Architectural Sacred Geometry Plan
For Man’s evolution from manhood to Godhood.
How can this be that the Formless God takes many forms
To bring his creation back to his heart?

In these contemporary times let us learn
To lighten up and laugh with our Child-self.
It’s Divine irony with humor, you see and hear?
It’s Divine simplicity, our friend of friends.
It’s Divine Mother’s cosmic joke,
As our Dear Yogi Yogananda Parmahansaji said.
It’s truly, perfectly, Divinely simple …
God is Love … Just Love.

Swamini Vishwa Lakshmi

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