Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Swamini Vishwa Lakshmi
Have you ever felt like the Gods are Celebrating and have forgotten you exist? Have you ever had a "dark night of the soul" that seems to go on and on and on. It seems the Guru has “stopped” almost everything in your life and that you are in a kind of “no man’s land” and banished into the outback. The Guru seems far away? Where did He go? – you ask yourself. And why did he take all others and everything in your life that gave you joy along with him?
You boldly, not caring that he may think you weak, and perhaps a bit resentfully, you ask him, "Why is this happening this way?" And he answers, "I planned it this way." And you, literally, do not know whether to laugh or cry or run away, hurt and feeling so alone, so abandoned, so unloved.
Yet from the strong inner core, the spiritual heart mummers like an echo and "whispers from eternity,": God is Love; this, too, shall pass.
Then, one fine day you wake up and discover that it all was maya and it was all about the Guru giving you a beautiful gift of learning detachment and remembering Divine Love.
Whatever it takes to break the Human Heart,
And thereby inflame the Heart Spirit,
Is Divine Grace.
From the moment of birth in physical form
A tiny babe has been born from
The Holy Grail of woman.
And the seed of man is placed
Into conceptual, fertile space and time.
Once transference has taken place,
A soul divinely comes into alignment
With material, third-dimensional form.
A Satguru from beyond time and space,
Seemingly, is born into physical form.
In actuality, Satguru never is born nor is he physical,
A mystery from time out of mind…Divinely So!
Satguru appears from the divine nature of God
For only one purpose. . .
It is not for himself that he comes or goes.
The Satguru transcends
Time and space and light and dark,
As a gift from the Divine,
To awaken the divinity within all those who
Resonate with his heart, his form, and
His timeless message of Love forevermore.
The Satguru has a heart full of Divine Love
And a mind that has been cleansed
Of darkness,
And thereby registers
Only Divine Light Form.
Krishna’s cattle-herder’s dog wanders
On the mountain landscape of life.
He tends the cows and herds them home.
Eventually, the cattle-herder—the man
Listens to the voice within,
The Voice of Mahavatar Babaji,
Sri Swami Vishwananda Premavatar,
Narayana-Vishnu—the Supreme,
Calling him home to higher vibration,
Calling, calling, calling him home.
And so it is with dog and man,
In this day and this time!
The Satguru comes when Divine Timing
Transcends space and time
For one purpose only—
To tell all those who have the
Eyes to see and the ears to hear. . .
It is time, my friends,
For dog and man to become
One Egoless Yogi,
And transcend time. . .
It is time, it is time, it is time.
Whatever it takes to break the Human Heart,
And thereby inflame the Heart Spirit,
Is Divine Grace.
Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

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