Friday, February 6, 2015

Attain Maha Bhav

The faces of people don't shine without restraining habits. The monkey mind settles no sooner than the attitude of it is changed and becomes calm. The heart gets consumed with Divine Love and one regains the inner self and pleasantly beholds one’s Beloved Giridhari in his glory waiting for you. This meeting awakens tremendous bliss as both meet each other. Endearingly, they lose their self-consciousness and swim in the state of Maha Bhav.

Sri Swami Vishwananda

Monkey Mind defined: In India people place food that a monkey likes in a narrow opening in a jug with the aim of catching the money. The monkey reaches its paw into the narrow jug opening to get the food inside. Then it cannot withdraw its paw holding the food through the narrow opening. Since the monkey won’t let go of the food, it is “caught”.  Like this,  people have attachments that keep the mind in turmoil.  Gurudev says above that only when the monkey mind of people is calmed will one meet Giridhari Krishna.

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