Friday, November 14, 2014

Swami Vishwananda's Standing Darshan Grace and Blessing

Sri Swami Vishwananda

As the numbers in the vast hall in Prague increased and the Darshan proceeded in the usual fashion, with Swami Vishwananda seated at the front of the hall, suddenly Guruji got up and said "Come I'll do the Darshan different.
The two lines were requested to part and turn to face each other. Then Guruji started giving Darshan standing up, walking from person to person in the line. With him went an entourage carrying everything Guruji needed including Chandan, Vibhuti, Sweets and towel.

Not only was Guruji able to give the Darshan blessing more quickly and comfortably but it seemed different. Guruji  commented on how nice the Darshan felt.
Devotees commented on how much they enjoyed then new Darshan style especially as Swamiji was in different parts of the hall and was closer to people.
At the following event in Bratislava Guru Dev gave the Standing Darshan again and said that he might do it regularly, especially when there are very large numbers of people.

Guru Dev communicated that he had prayed to Krishna for a different way to do Darshan so there was less pressure on his back, "then the idea just flashed before me," Guruji said.

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