Thursday, November 27, 2014


The Teacher Comes
In a village in the High Himalayas of India a Sadhu once sat in the town center which was close to the sacred Ganga River. In those days Ganga was pure and the knowledge that Shiva had caught the sacred river in his hair and sent it on its way throughout India, Itself, was ever present in the minds of the people.

This sadhu sat day after day in his seat. Many people gave alms to him regularly. He was an enlightened soul taking the vow of poverty and service to the Hindu trinity of Narayana, Shiva and Brahma. Shiva was his Istadev. And to Shiva he was devoted. The people who came to him for spiritual amrita were also devotees of Shiva. Many asked for his counsel on both spiritual and material world matters, understanding and problem solving.

One day a man came in clothes of a beggar with his alms cup in his hand. He sat at the feet of the sadhu and asked him many questions pertaining to the Vedas, the scriptures of India, and about his work with the people of this village. The sadhu beheld the light radiating out of the beggar and the glorious light which illuminated the whole village and the sacred Ganges near where the sadhu sat upon his seat, his clean blanket folded neatly beneath him. The love that the beggar radiated in his light was almost more than the sadhu could hold. His body vibrated visibly and his face shone with the light that the beggar radiated even as the sadhu sat within the light. All the people of the village saw and felt this light and love and they closed their shops and homes and came and gathered around the beggar and the sadhu.

The beggar began to address the crowd of people. He said. “This is a village that carries within all the people the knowledge of the Vedas due to the quiet, peaceful and humble teacher who is this sadhu who sits here so quietly now. He knows within himself that I have come to you all as Shiva, the one whom you venerate in your places and temples." Some people saw a beggar with great light and some people saw Lord Shiva in all his radiance, with his skin bathed in ashes from the cremation ground where he sat in meditation and with a living cobra around his neck and the moon caught in his long, dark curly hair.

Shiva told the people: “Here today, I sit with this humble sadhu and send my love to all of you and you come because your devotion and humbleness has drawn you to the light. Today I give you all a boon. What you wish for in the secret chamber of your sacred heart, will be granted to you. Be aware, that the Lord does not always give you your wishes in the form that you visualize. Be aware that the Lord knows how to grant wishes in a way that will bring you closer to him and even into liberation. Know that devotion and humbleness on the spiritual path are virtues that the Lord blesses. May the blessings and love of the trinity of the Gods of India; Narayana, Shiva and Brahma be with you always.”

A bolt of lightning from the sky above, accompanied by a great and loud thunder sound drew the people’s eyes to the sky and some saw Narayana, Shiva and Brahma riding golden chariots zooming into the sky and to their abodes above. And some saw only the great light of the Gods in a brilliance that warmed their hearts and they felt love like never before.

O, people in present time, find this Divine Love and humbleness of this sadhu and the people of his village in the Himalayas of India and become liberated from the cycle of birth and death. It is your destiny. Be patient and be ever vigilant to the Call of the Gods. They love you all for the All are One, in essence.

Love and Blessings

Mahavatar Babaji

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