Monday, June 2, 2014

Your Words Came True

Mahavatar Babaji and Sri Swami Vishwananda behind Babaji
Laksman's Photo of Babaji at
His home in Mumbai, India
Divine Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama,
(Was taken aback when I read he addressed me as “Divine,” but then I remembered—we all are Divine ! -Swamini Lakshmi)

Laksman from Mumbai, India emailed this interesting email today:

Jai Guru Dev! Your Words Came True

Would like to share with you a few interesting events which have taken place in the past few days:

1. I have here a bed room Hall apartment. In one of my rooms, I have a big photo of Mahavatara Babaji, 3 ft by 2 ft. in Kodak Metallic Photo finish ( have attached the photo ). I have taken much care to see BABAJI looks so lively and verily, I shared this with you earlier. He is my guardian forever, and also head of my family, who loves, directs, cares, and protects all of us.
The room is covered on one side with big Glass-sliding windows. Beyond the windows, in the parapet wall, my wife keeps some plants in pots.  Interestingly, in the last two weeks, we noticed some unusual visitors – initially we used to see a beautiful nightingale with a red tail, making a unique noise. In the last week we saw a nightingale couple as if they had come to pay  their obeisance to Babaji through the glass windows. First, I thought I was just imagining, (aftermath of reading your article last week). (Link: ) I saw both my wife and daughter were also enjoying the birds without knowing its subtle significance. I asked my daughter to take a picture with her I-phone, but she could not capture them as they flew away. I have been waiting for the past 4 days to see both of them. Somehow I was not lucky to have them captured.

2. Today when I was in my living room, watching the TV, all of a sudden my wife pointed her finger towards the sliding-glass windows near my PUJA altar. We saw a beautiful nightingale trying to enter through the glass windows. We were just watching it and it flew away. Since I had been working in my computer in the other room, I went back to check my mobile for any missed calls. Surprisingly, there were 2 missed calls from my Atma Kriya Teacher, Ratnadevi. Earlier, I had asked her if it is possible, I would love to speak to SatGuru Sri Swami Vishwanandanaji. She called me to say Guruji is around (Guruji is in India and I am in Mumbai, India), she would connect me to Him. Her calls came in at the same time we were watching the nightingale.


He said to ask him if I had questions! When Guruji was so close to me I had nothing to ask. During our talk, I asked Guruji whether he would visit Mumbai (Guruji is now on the east of India and I am in  Mumbai , on the west coast). Instantly, Swami’s reply came. He would be in Mumbai the day after and Guruji said He would call me when He is in Mumbai so that I could meet HIM in Mumbai! He also told me that he will take my number from Ratnadevi !

Incidentally, today I have completed reading the book JUST LOVE ! This has coincided my completing the book and I got the gist of the book in its real sense:  “THE ESSENCE OF EVERYTHING IS JUST LOVE – THAT MESSAGE I GOT TODAY FROM THE EPITOME OF LOVE [Swami's call].“ I am still in my dream as I just could not believe the chain of events that have taken place.

Laksman With love, gratitude

Although Laksman was not fortunate to capture a picture of his Nightingales, here is one that is particularly beautiful. Nightingales have different colored feathers in different parts of this world.

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