Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rushing Through Life

Rushing through life causes you to miss the full experience of the moment. As man travels the road of life, he often tells those around him of his troubles and his wishes for the future. His mind is so engaged in trouble and his future that he is not focused on those around him. And, in turn, those around him are in their minds thinking of their own troubles and future events and only half listening. In this way one seems to always be waiting for his life to happen and the present moment slips by without one fully alive within it.

Let us more and more search for the understanding that the present moment is all we have. Let it be honored as your most precious life’s blood. Be joyous in the moment. Be rightfully focused on where you are in the present as to your thoughts and your actions. Surrender every moment to The Lord and join Him in co-creating a life of Divine Love expressed as God within everyone and everything.

I wish for you all a glowing, glorious life filled with present moments of joy and wonder that life has been freely given to you to know God who is Love expressed in everything in creation. Let you be creatures of habit of being fully alive in the present radiant, glorious moment that is life, Itself !

May God bless each and every one of you,
In His Holy Name,


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