Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Realizing the Self - Mahavatar Babaji

In meditation this morning Mahavatar imitated man by taking a lighter and lighting a cigarette. With a wave of his hand, both the lighter and cigarette disappeared into the ethers from where he had materialized them. Babaji then said: Many on the planet you still see smoking cigarettes even through science has proven that these substances are harmful to the body and can cause the dreaded lung cancers from which many still suffer. Likewise, many substance abuses abound on the planet at this time. Even food has become a way of distracting one from the real Self which stands ever ready to bring one's awareness to the consciousness, which you really are and which lives forever - Just Love.

When Lahiri Mahasaya met me in the Himalayan mountains long ago, I told him to go and live in the world to show that one does not have to live in a cave to maintain a Godly life of purity and God-realization. Lahiri wished to stay with me in the Himalayas but his dharma in this lifetime was to show how a man with family and a regular job in the world could even be a yogi as pure as some who live in caves and meditate most of their lives on Earth. One's daily choices either choose the material world where one will smoke cigarettes knowing the risks to the body and eat food for the pleasurable taste rather than for nutrition, energy and healthy life for the body. 

Today, I am encouraging you, who follow the teachings and have love for your SatGuru Sri Swami Vishwananda, and all those who read this message, to look at your choices each day and notice where you need to align your thoughts and actions with purity and your real Self. Then do this with a firm commitment to surrendering all to The Divine.

From the High Himalayas
I send you all Love and Blessings
Mahavatar Babaji

With Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

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