Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Devotee of Swami Etheric Dream - Sathya Age

Jai GuruDev,

I have just read your entry on the VBV blog "MATAJI SPEAKES May 16, 2014," and it reminds me, especially the phrase "Remember to inform them that The Divine has willed this evolvment or it would not have been possible", of a dream that I had a few days ago. This dream also may be a glimpse of the coming Sathya Age.

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Lately, I can see a lot of vegan-people activity on the internet (Facebook) fighting to save animals from killing, which is, of course, a good cause. But it seems, as side effect, it creates a lot of hostility and division among people...

My dream pertained to it. At the beginning it was shown, that it's useless to argue and persuade people to stop eating meat. It only makes them angry and nothing good comes from it. Then the dream moved into some future, hard to say how far future it was. But at this time people were changed, and it could be felt very clearly, that it was God's will, that this change happened. People didn't want to eat meat any more, and this happened so naturally, in their hearts, just by the Divine Will and because people were now ready.

And then the dream continued to a scene - there was some kind of danger and people were in the street, they were holding their hands, all of them, and they all were like brothers and sisters, protecting one another, helping and caring for everyone. It was so different than what we witness today, and it was so beautiful ! I think, it was a glimpse of Sathya Yuga.

Warm greetings from Poland

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