Friday, January 24, 2014

Teachings of Mahavatar Babaji - Atma Kriya Yoga Video

Teachings of Mahavatar Babaji – Wisdom of  Love E-Cards Video
by Atma Kriya Yoga

Mahavatar Babaji brought Kriya Yoga back to the world when he communicated Kriya Yoga to Lahiri Mahasaya, the venerated India Yogi, in 1861 at their first meeting in the high Himalayan Mountains in India. Mahavatar said to Lahiri at that time: When one realizes his unity with mankind, all minds become transmitting stations through which he can work at will."

This is the way Mahavatar Babaji transmits His messages for the Atma Kriya Yoga E-cards through what he calls the method of "heart-to-heart an mind-to-mind" communication with Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama. Swamini Lakshmi was initiated into the Swami Order by Premavatar Swami Vishwananda Narayana.

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