Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In Darkness - Rays of Light



 Premavatar Swami Vishwananda Narayana - above left -  Mahavatar Babaji - above right
Lakshman, Ram, Sita, Hanuman-kneeling
In Mahavatar's cave in India sit four beings in the early morning before dawn in the High Himalayas of India. Two are Gods, Mahavatar Babaji and Premavatar Swami Vishwananda Narayana. Two are incarnated beings who were in the family of Ram as He was an Avatar incarnated into the bodies of four brothers, Ram, Lakshman, Bharata and Shatrughna...In the Ramayana the epic story of Rama is recorded.

These four beings sit in communion in the cave of Mahavatar high in the snowy, cold Himalayas of India. When a certain frequency of resonance manifests between the four beings, a small rabbit suddenly appears in the middle of the circle of four. Mahavatar says to those sitting with Him: 'This rabbit I am sending to a small sick boy in the Czech Republic on Earth. His mother will see it in a pet shop and take it home to the boy without knowing from where the urge to do so arises. In time, the boy will heal and both the mother and boy will progress spiritually and in connection with the four of us sitting here today for the benefit of mankind. When its purpose has been served, the rabbit will disappear. The Gods have infinite ways of communicating with mankind how to attain the Divine. Therefore, be alert to all that happens in your lives.'

Like the disappearance of the small rabbit, likewise the rings manifested by Premavatar Swami Vishwananda Narayana disappear from some of his devotees. When they have served their purpose the rings simply vanish. People sometimes mourn their passing. Instead, be thankful for the real gift of lessons learned from the energy of the ring as it lived its allotted time on Earth.

The two incarnated beings with us today serve as positive cathodes that we may send energy to certain people on Earth whom they encounter. This is a soul agreement which was in place before they incarnated into the present bodies. When the two are together the energy is enhanced or increased in frequency somewhat like a light cord placed into an electrical outlet. It is time for this to manifest to help others.

All of you reading this may also become instruments of the Gods by surrendering everything to The Divine. As you are taught by Swami Vishwananda: "Your purpose of being born is to attain The Divine." The way to do this quickly is to surrender everything instantaneously. May It Be So For You.

We send our love and blessings to one and all,

-Mahavatar Babaji

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