Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Story Poem - Cosmic Change From the Past to Now

                                 Sri Swami Vishwananda

Paul Disciple of Christ Jesus 

 Sri Swami Vishwananda says:
“If we want to contribute to Mother Nature,
It is up to us to change.
The change is not:
“Yes, I will do my sadhana, or
I will do my prayer.
No, the change is Now!


Cosmic Change for All
From the “Past” to Now

Rolling along on the road of life
A youth of 21 took a drug one night
At a party at which he had been
Coerced into attending.
This led to a spiraling downward hell
For many years.

At the age of 42, one day a
Great Light appeared out of the heavens
And blinded him into seeing only darkness.
As he sat at home where this had happened,
He saw within the inner eye the road he had
Taken so many years ago and the road which
Lay ahead of him in his future days to come.

Irrevocably, a voice rang loudly in his inner ear:
I am the Disciple of The Christ whom
Man now calls Saint Paul.
My name was first Saul
And I was, indeed, no Saint !
The High Priest of my time
Authorized me to go to the city of
Damascus and arrest all followers
Of the one they called, Jesus.

On my way, I was struck down by
A blinding Light and a loud voice gently said:
‘Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?’
I asked: ‘Who is speaking?’
The voice replied:
‘I am Jesus, [the risen Christ]
Whom you are persecuting.
Now get up and go into the city, and you
Will be told what you must do.”

When I reached Damascus I was blind for three days.
The Risen Jesus Christ said to me then:
‘You are my chosen instrument to deliver the gospel
To the Gentiles, their kings, and the people of Israel.
Jesus changed my name to Paul and to this day,
To you, I am Paul.

Paul said to the man that the blinding light
Left sitting alone without sight.
“Likewise, you have seen this same Light
That I was blessed to see.
Likewise, you will remain blind for three days.
Likewise, you are a changed man from this day forward.
Likewise, The Risen Christ has besought you, found you and
Likewise, you will now teach the universal truths of
All the spiritual Traditions The Divine has sent to Earth
From the beginning of mankind to now and forever.”

In three days the scales fell from the man’s eyes
Just like they had fallen from the eyes of Saul-Paul,
And The Disciple Paul’s prophesy was fulfilled.
The man’s name was changed from Dhamas to Thomas
And he taught many people the truth of who they really are
Within the heart– Just Love.

And so it is as Sri Swami Vishwananda says:
“If we want to contribute to Mother Nature, it is up to us to
Change. The change is not: “Yes, I will do my sadhana, or
I will do my prayer. No, the change is Now!”
[From Sri Swami Vishwananda's book: "Just Love III"]

And it is like Mahavatar says:
“Do you want a life change? I ask you with inmost sincerity
That you meet me in meditation and I will teach you what
You need to know about light and dark. Many of you know
That the time is ripe for the fruit of the vine to be plucked,
The Cosmic Adventure to begin for you. I can help you.
[From Mahavatar Babaji's book: "Unity With The Divine."]

The fullness of a soul responds to the truth and the
Masters who come to show you the way.
The only criterion is that you must truly want it !

So Be It !

Mahavatar Babaji
Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama

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