Thursday, November 21, 2013

Swami's India Visit Continues

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Poun trip to India Swami - visit Varadharaj Perumal temple in Kanchi.

During a visit of Sri Swami Vishwananda in Kanchi Puram, the group stopped in Varadharaj Perumal temple, where the main deities are 3500 years old murti Sri Laksmi Narayana, which manifested themselves. 

Here you can see a group of shoppers small tulsi that they sacrifice the gods and then return as maha prasad to devotees. 

Swami once adorned himself!
Here you can see the Deity of Sri Laksmi Narayana, which is manifested before the 3500 years of fire! 

After this visit Swamiji, with the group, visited the famous Kanchi Kammakshi temple, where cameras are not allowed. It is noteworthy that Western tourists are mostly forbidden to approach the deities, as well as access to the interior of the temple, and this time it was permitted to do so and a group of pilgrims could come really close to Mao and pray for her. It really is very, very rare opportunity and a great blessing for all of the pilgrimage, made possible only by the grace of Swamiji!

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