Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Latest news about Swami Vishwananda 


The pilgrimage route to India Swami - continued.

Here are some pictures of Swami output of the mountain Arunachala Annamalia with a cheerful make-up output from Bhagyshri, which is the Swamijim at the fair:

Another program was our trip to the hill. We were told it would be about 3-4 hours ascent, and that we should not go if it can not handle, also out of respect for the group. But fortunately never let this discourage Board and all decided to go. So our group was very diverse, ranging from large to small, thin, heavy, old and young.

We started at 5 o'clock in the morning to  a little avoid the heat. We drank a "chai" in the corner shop and then we started Gurujim, and guided tours, trip.Guruji was a professional, basically ran the mountain, created the tempo for the rest of us.Eventually we gave up, trying him  keep  step (maybe his plan all the time :-)). But he was at every rest stop, waiting for the rest of us, to support us somehow. "Come Bhagyshri! Have you is 90 years old or what?" And so was our cheerleader. It was with us  for about six guides and they were really amazing, wearing heavy backpacks, supported us, we do not fall, and later some of us were carrying!

Arunachala itself is Shiva, and so every step to do it, is holy. When we got to the top, Shiva's head, it was really amazing. It was a large flat stones blackened by smoke from the annual Yagen that are held here.The wind was strong and the sun was hot. Outside on the ledge above the tracks were Shiva and we all they  could do little puju. Swami went first, then the wizard and then the rest of us. After this the Swami sat on a rock meditating, maybe 15 minutes or more.Only his hair moved in the wind and it was really very beautiful.

13 people from the group remained above the rest of us down. And so we find that going up was nothing compared to the descent. With legs shaking from exhaustion, we tried to walk the path without  the mountain  fell.

At this point, our wonderful guides become extraordinary. Swamini Dayamati suffered the way down bravely, but sometimes too slow and one of the guides slender, wearing only a dhoti small, with thin, strong arms, glistening with sweat, bowed humbly before our Swamini and said, "I can take you? ". A Swamini Dayamati agreed, knowing that it is  for the group  too slow. Then we who were at the front Swamijim, we were shocked when we Dayamati saw  - now the fastest! Little guy walked past us, leaping from rock to rock while she waved us goodbye.

In addition, the group traveled to Kanchipuram, one of the holiest places in the world for fans of Mao, so we are waiting for these reports it to you very soon arrive !

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