Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Open the Hearts of Humanity, So Say I

Mahavatar Babaji

                                “SO   SAY  I”

“Help humankind, So Say I,
-Mahavatar Babaji.”

I humbly reply: ‘My Beloved ParamGuru,
I can do nothing of myself;
I cannot lift a finger without your love and grace.’
Mahavatar smiles and reminds me:
Do we meet for greeting and meditation
Every morning in my
Cave in the Great Indian Himalayas?

And do I offer you of Myself,
Served on a platter of Golden Light . . .
Blessings, teachings and instructions
As how to construct the Blog
And many, many other ways and means to
Help Mankind?

Do I dictate books to you for the purpose of
Opening the hearts of humanity into
The thousand-petaled lotus in the crown chakra?
Humanity, who resonate with these teachings,
Open the heart like a lotus flower
Growing in the mud of present-day materiality
And then bloom into the white lotus-like purity of Love Divine.
Then the Self-Realized ones spread this Divine Love
Everywhere, even as Premavatar Swami Vishwananda
Teaches and demonstrates for them how to do this
Action of love, brother-sisterhood, and spiraling
Spiritual attainment!

“I”, Swamini, respond with a heart full of bhakti love and tears:
‘My Beloved Mahavatar, your love and grace
Fill my heart, flood the gates of communication
Into the material world and open doors to people
I never dreamed of knowing, and who also help
The present humanity in this merging of
The two ages of Kali and Dwarpara.
Thank You for your loving grace.’

Oh, Mankind,
A beloved enlightened friend
And teacher said to me recently:
It doesn´t matter if my name is mentioned,
[when the communication and spiritual teaching
I communicate to you is shared for the good
Of the whole humanity] . . .
What matters is only that human kind gets help and that
The petals of love blossom all over the world.
Love is so important in this time, and it also is
Important that human kind and earth is transformed
According to the divine plan of Mahavatar Babaji.
I bow to the feet of Mahavatar.”

So said my Beloved-ed Friend!
So say “I” . . .  humbly from the heart,
-Swamini Lakshmi.

Mahavatar says to all readers:
“I am the champion of the whole humanity.
Call on me should your heart open
To my vibration and continuous Divine Love.
This Divine Love lives throughout the centuries,
And until the end of time as you now know it.
This Divine Love is present for each and every one of you!
So say I
-Mahavatar Babaji, as you know me.”

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama
Mahavatar Babaji
My Beloved-ed Enlightened Friend

Mahavatar Babaji - Mere Gurudev 

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