Sunday, September 15, 2013

Reaching Out - Swamiji and Mahavatar Today

To focus on the outside brings expectation, and expectation brings misery and pain. Expectation brings pain, because the real expectation, the real things that our soul wants, is the true Love of God. And this true Love of God we only can find through devotion within our heart.
-Premavatar Sri Swami Vishwanada

Mahavatar Babaji Today: Do you ever wish the Divine would reach out to you in your greatest need without you physically having to pray, meditate or ask Him to help you? When The Divine is incarnated into a Great One like Premavatar Sri Swami Vishwananda, we sometimes expect Him to reach out physically without us saying a word to him in the physical. Mostly, he does not do this, isn't it? That is the experience most of you have when you think of Him physically writing you an email, texting or calling you when you are experiencing physical pain and trouble, isn't it. This is the way it is for most of you.

Does this mean that He is not aware of your pain and physical trouble or that He does not love and care for you? The opposite is true, we assure you. He loves and cares for all of you continuously without "taking a break" as people tend to do at work in these days. As your SatGuru says above: "Expectation brings pain...and this true Love of God, we only can find through devotion within our heart."

Mahavatar Babaji
Champion of the Whole Humanity

P.S. This P.S. is for some of you I have viewed as you have read this entry and for those of you who will read it: This is not a criticism of the way things are between you and your Gurudev. This is a "helpful hint" at what you can do to increase your devotion of The Divine, whom the Guru represents and IS simultaneously. You do not need to do anything but that which your heart sincerely guides you to do, with Love.  -Mahavatar

sung by
Premavatar Swami Vishwananda

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