Friday, September 6, 2013

Mahavatar Babaji Today - Can Swamis Fall?

Enjoyment of life only can be achieved fully 
when body, mind and soul are surrendered to The Divine. 
Mahavatar Babaj

Man is an incarnation of the Supreme Cosmic Eternal Bliss. If we think of ourselves as being this bliss and focus on it, we will become the bliss, but by our own effort.

 Sri Swami Vishwananda

Mahavatar Babaji

Swamis, from ancient times, sometimes fall by the wayside of maya. Devotees of various Swamis on Earth at this time know about this. Doubts do arise for people frequently on the spiritual way. This happens until one becomes surrendered to the Master, the Avatar or the Guru. This may seem to some to be a sad thing. Actually, it is in Divine Order. For one to become purified and then have the commitment to surrender to the Avatar completely, these doubts must be purified through the fire of painful experiences at times.

Front row in this line of “doubters”
may be ones who hide any doubts from the public and choose to keep it “close to the chest:" - meaning to themselves. These ones may be the ones who spend the most private time with the Avatar. When one is physically close and spends long hours each day with the Avatar, s/he is blessed, indeed. Still, they are closest to the fire. If one does not get close enough, he may miss the Avatar’s lessons and opportunity for his spiritual progress. If one gets too close, he may be burned to the point of withdrawal from the Avatar should life become too painful to stay near the Avatar. These are the ones who leave. For those not physically close to the Avatar, this may seem like an impossibility. 

When a close disciple leaves the Avatar, is the Avatar hurt? No, not in the True Self ! He knows the disciple exists for eternity and there will be as many chances as he needs to attain Him, The Divine. So do not feel jealousy when ones are close physically to the Avatar and do not feel sad for the Avatar when one leaves Him. Accept what Is, for all is within Divine Order with the Avatar. He knows what He is doing. Trust Him. Of course, as we know, occasionally even a Master can fall by getting caught in His Own Game of Maya. Therefore, it is best to trust completely but with sensitivity. The Divine always will show you the truth of the Avatar if you trust and surrender completely. And thereby, you will know what is mind and what is heart. for you. if you surrender the ego-personality. 

Winsome is as winsome does,
Love and blessings
Mahavatar Babaji

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