Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mahavatar Babaji Today - Story of Life

Dear Friends,
Criticism is like a lethal weapon in the hands of a soldier in war. It erodes peace within one’s life and grinds down good health. It has been so with mankind for centuries. Spiritual Teachers come and go on this planet. They teach the way to Him and Peace within. Still, the human condition instills from babyhood onward the daily criticism of others and those they profess to love. It seems even in early childhood that this is the way life is supposed to be.

The Divine leads all of mankind to ways to rid one’s self from this painful way of living. Each person is given opportunities through their life experience to find this Divinity and peace within the spiritual heart. A fortunate few are sent their SatGuru. They feel magnetized to Him and find an irresistible love, from deep within, well up from the heart space. Then criticism of the teacher begins to rise up and flow off the tongue like a waterfall that reaches a cliff and must fall downward to the ground below. This is the Guru showing you a mirror of what is inside you. He is pure, but you many times refuse to perceive his Divinity, to see Him, but see only your reflection which he mirrors back to you only for our own possibility of spiritual progress.

From babyhood this is the current human condition to find fault with others and spill it out into words. This erodes any space for peace to be in the life experience. There is a beautiful story in the life of Christ Jesus:
One day Jesus was walking along the banks of the Jordan River with his twelve disciples. The group came upon a dog that was lying dead beside the river. The body of the dog was fast decomposing in the intense heat of the day. The Disciples of Christ began to criticize the odor and the sad condition of the dog’s body. Christ lovingly said: “Look at what beautifully formed white teeth he had.”

Life can be like Christ taught his disciples in that one may choose, in any circumstance in life, to perceive and speak of the positive or the negativity in any given situation. Premavatar Sri Swami Vishwananda teaches this same Divine Principle. To find happiness and peace in life one must choose to be positive !

A baby has the God-given right to belie the common Collective Consciousness and become God-Man, a God-Realized person. You have your SatGuru with you.  Leave the petty conditions of Collective Consciousness and follow in the footsteps of the SatGuru and Love Him without reservation, without criticism and with only Divine Love. Surrender everything to Him. It is the way to God ! He is with you for this very beautiful and Holy purpose. Be thankful and obey Him. He knows the way, for He has trod the way you are going many times before and he knows the way. There is no room for criticism of Him if you are committed to finding His way. Please see this !

Love and blessings   |   Mahavatar Babaji

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