Thursday, October 20, 2011

Loves Pearls of Wisdom by Mahavatar Babaji - 20/10/11

Once there was a man wandering in a field of wild, violet orchids. He smelled their unworldly fragrance. He heard the birds singing in the treetops. He felt the wind upon his bare skin. He loved this feeling of peace and was happy in the present moment. The violet orchids touched his heart as they were the favorite of his mother. The wind cooled his skin and reminded him of the breeze when he would swing his son in his lap in his infancy. The birds singing brought to his mind a beautiful song he once heard an orchestra play.

All these things from the past the man connected with the present moment. This is good in itself and only for the moment. Do not hang onto the past when these things come to mind for you. There is no connection, in reality, from the past to the present moment, see? It is your mind that creates this and many times it is the cause of your suffering. Learn to control the mind and live in the present moment because that is all the time you have in reality.

And in the present moment, Eternity resides!

Mahavatar Babaji

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