Monday, September 12, 2011

Wisdom of Love - Mahavatar Babaji - E-Card September 12 2011

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mahavatar Babaji,
Dear Guruiji,

thank You not to be alone...

Love, just Love.


Anonymous said...

Dear Utpalavati,
I am not sure if it is still possible on this blog to ask Babaji for His guidance in our daily "struggels" in our attempt to become pure vessels of the Lords Love and Grace-? If it is possible to ask Him a question, I would very much like to ask the following:

Dear Maha Avatar, dear Babaji,
I wanted to ask whether you could give us spiritual aspirants some advice on how to deal with the stress or modern life- I find that I am easily disturbed in my Sadhana through thoughts about the time, about my work, what I gotta do today, whether I like what I need to do or not... this spiral of thoughts and feelings makes me very, very nervous and agitated and thus, effects my relationship with Him! I also find that time is running so fast and it seems so hard to keep up with everything- often I wish that I would not have to live per the rules of modern time (our clock, the weekdays, months...)- that I would rather live by the rules and rhythms of Mother Nature. It seems so hard to me to just "stop- breathe- and BE"! It feels as if so many outside factors are molding my daily life. I do understand that actually, what I perceive in the outside, is a reflection of my inside- my thinking, my emotions and feelings- I do understand that the duality that I perceive is not eternal- I do understand that there will be a time when I will awaken from this dream and realize that it was nothing more that a dream, a play... but I guess that I do not TRULY understand it, otherwise, would it not already BE?
In deep Love,