Saturday, September 17, 2011

Swami Vishwananda on Unity

Why do you think in all religions they chant the name of God, recite the name of God? Chant the name of the Lord so that you realize the unity between the Atma (soul) and the Paramatman (God). When you realize this unity between the Atma and the Paramatman, what will stay? Only the Paramatman will stay because the only reality of the Atma is the Paramatman. The only reality of the soul is God. Your soul wants to merge with and become one with God. It wants to attain his lotus feet. The one who has realized this will join. Just in the simple name Ram, it can be granted.

Swami Vishwananda


In Unification, the Divine drives the chariot of Arjuna
And creates the Bhagavad Gita, the Song of God,
Builds a bridge to Lanka to rescue Sita
And shows Unity in this construction with monkeys
And bears and the power in the name through
Writing the name of Ram upon the rocks that float
In the ocean deep.
This is in the time of Avatar Rama.

Divine Unity hangs on the Cross of Calvary
Then blissfully rises again to show
Mankind he can do the same.
This is in the time of Christ Jesus.
He resides in the Himalayas for all time in the form
Of Beloved Mahavatar Babaji
Teaching souls how to create
“Unity with the Divine.”

He roams the world in a physical body
In the form of Sri Swami Vishwananda
To show man, face-to-face, how to open the Heart
To the Unity of Divine Love Within!
How many lifetimes and how many Masters have come
And gone and come again and again
To teach mankind this mission of Unity
Through Love in the Heart of all?

The world of man works on competition
The Divine vibration works in Unity.
Which way has love and peace?
Which has sorrow, torment and nashing of teeth?
You decide each day, each thought, each word
And each action which world you choose to live in.
Most say they live in the Kali Yuga,
Some Masters say they live in Dwapara Yuga.

Is it the state of the Heart that creates
The Yuga, the age, the time one’s
Consciousness exists within?
And can two ages exist simultaneously
With Master and student standing face-to-face?
It is true, so, some Masters say.
Mayhap, time is an illusion and
And thereby all time is Now!

In these circumstances. . .
Now is the time
For man to live in Unity,
God’s Time!
Take the hand of the Master, Sri Swami Vishwananda
And His Guru, Mahavatar Babaji,
And walk t
he Path of Unity—Bhakti—
The Path of Love and Devotion to God.
Therein you will find the harmony of the Union
Of Divinity within your heart.
So Be It. Om and Amen.

Swamini Vishwalakshmiananda

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