Thursday, September 8, 2011

Love's Pearls of Wisdom - Mahavatar Babaji - 8 September 2011

When a beautiful swan skims across the water in its pure white beauty, it warms the heart of the one watching the graceful movement with which it was endowed at birth. When watching a human being running a race in the facsimile of the ancient Grecian Olympic Games, the ones watching feel proud to be human and to perceive one human doing so gracefully what the human body was endowed with at birth.

A baby bird observed when it is pushed from the nest by the parent has not reached the graceful potential of the white swan on water or the human running in the Olympic Games. So it is with the human soul which has not reached the perfection, purity and Oneness with the Divine with which it was endowed at birth. It is time for the souls on Earth today to go beyond the baby bird stage and attain the stage of surrender to the Divine. You have to be willing to jump off the cliff, or surrender completely, without knowing what will happen to you. To surrender, you must simply trust the Divine, fully, like the baby bird trusts the parent who lovingly pushes it from the nest knowing this will create the situation for the baby bird to fly.

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Anonymous said...

Jai Guru Dev
Surrender completely to my Guru's lotus feet is pure bliss.
Dedicate my life to him, is pure joy.
Offer him my heart is pure love.
Thinking of him, is great happiness.
Give my soul in his hand is all i want.