Monday, July 6, 2015

The Gods FaceBook and Twitter in Timelessness

In Timelessness

Do the Gods have Facebook and Twitter
In Time out of mind?
Do the endless streams of devotees
Have records of births and deaths
There in timelessness?
But wait . . .
In reality there is no birth, no death.

Sri Swami Vishwananda, being
Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent
The Three Attributes of God,
In humility, looks up seemingly
Beyond Space and Time
And responds, with loving precision,
To any inquiry
And tells you everything you wish to know
And can comprehend.
How does he do that, one may ask
Again and again?
This holy feat appears fascinating to
The minds of all people just so.

With fleet of foot
Runners on a track pounding the arena
Know that the outcome of winning or losing
Will elevate or cellar their mood
When the race is finally run.

Like that, so is
The Track or path of life
For the devotee and disciple
Of the Guru
And the Guru of Gurus
Until the Supreme Being is attained.

Eternal bliss luminously appears
To these ones when
The battle has been fought
And the race is won.
In Earth Life there is only
One winner in the marathon.
In the greater reality
Eventually, and truly, everyone wins.

 "Just Love"
The Guru embodies
And teaches.
Sincerely commit and surrender
To the Guru, his lotus feet to attain
And he will carry you home to
The Divine Father
Via the Divine Mother as
He told me one blessed
And timeless time.

You will win your race
Sooner or later when the
Grace and Love
Of God and Guru come to you
When the lotus feet are reached . . .
Be wary of pride and ego
In what you attain spiritually
For in reality
Pride and ego cannot enter
The Kingdom of God
The Vaikuntha of Narayana
The Heaven of Christ
Our Divine Father out of Time.

"Be ever humble"
Teaches the Guru
And the Guru of Gurus.
Because . . . in Reality,
This is so written in
The Gods’ FaceBook
And Twitter
Beyond Time!

And . . .

Humble Bhakti Tears Flow
From the Soul

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama
Swamini Lakshmi

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