Sunday, July 19, 2015

Reverberation PM After The Party

LOVE SHARING: Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

PM After The Party

Shree Peetha Nilaya rests in silence
The moonless night quaintly
Speaking no voice of the Great One
No devotee singing his praises
Or bowing to revere and kiss his Guru feet.
No confetti of stars and kisses and hearts afire
Flies through the air this night.
For, lo and behold, this night is quite as new
Fallen snow waiting for St. Nick to land his sleigh
On the rooftop of sleeping, wishing, anticipating children.

Long gone are the thousand and eight, and more,
Who rang the bells like Christmas Eve
Like Krishna's gopies following the
Sound of Murali, his sacred flute
Which lulled them to the Sacred Heart
And God Within. No devotees in sight, this night,
Following like the ones of the Christ
To the Holy Land and the "Many Mansions" he
Promised of His Father In Heaven.

The Guru is in his bungalow
His beautiful face and lovely smile
Not in view of the devotee eye . . .
Doing what Guru's do at night
Perhaps . . . just perhaps . . .
He is in sleepless, deep Samadhi 
Taking care of endless devotees
From many lifetimes on Earth and those souls
In many dimensions beyond space and time.
For he had done his duty for one and all
In his 10th Anniversary Celebrations
And loved them like they have never
Been loved before as he guided them
To the Sacred Heart and the Divine Love
Which resides in Earth people
In every heart, equal each in the 
Eyes and Heart of The Divine Giridhari.

What does one do on this sleepless night
In Shree Peetha Nilaya when the celebration 
Is over and the Guru withdraws quietly with 
A few attending, some perhaps unaware of the
Fire and pain of purification being close to the Guru 
Inevitably brings, innocent, still to the ways of the
True Guru teacher? It's no bowl of cherries
Or all hearts and roses, is it? Even roses have thorns.
Some of us, and residents alike,
Still are here in Shree Peetha Nilaya,
The abode of Divine Mother Sri Maha Lakshmi,
Radha and the all the Divine rest?

What to do this night?  .  .  .
Well . . . friends of Bhakti Marga and devotees one and all . . .
One of us writes this poem . . . and
The best is to do what the Guru Master teaches:
"Chant the Divine Name continuously
And it will guide you home to the Sacred Heart,
Which in essence, simply and beautifully is
. . .  "Just Love."

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